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The VP debate and The Raddatz

After a day or so of reflection about the vice-presidential debate:

If there are any more weddings, ceremonies, white house parties, Eids, whatever, that the obamas hold, Raddatz will be invited three times each.  (Her face reminds me of a plunger on the way up.)

She came out of the gate with the question about the Libya massacre, just to get that little bit of a hot potato off the table – no follow-up questions no nothing – so that she and Biden would then have a clear path for The Plan.  She probably practiced with Joey.

Paul Ryan came to the debate as the serious person that he is – serious about serious issues facing this country – and Biden came to the table with The Plan.

The Plan was to interrupt, ridicule, distract, anything to keep the American people from getting some answers from someone who obviously had some answers but was not allowed to even get a point across.  And if Biden’s 82 times was not enough interruption, Raddatz also interrupted Ryan.

In spite of all cards being stacked against him, Paul Ryan won the debate – on substance and on demeanor, as someone to be proud of as a vice president.

If anyone has any doubt there is rampant media corruption and bias in favor of the democrats, then he must be part of the corruption.  So Ryan had to, not debate, but had to fight in a fight stacked against him, with the referee in the opponents corner.

I heard someone say that just about every debating rule was broken, so maybe street fight would be a better description.

It was unnerving to watch the vice-president of the United States acting the fool.

Does he think the debt cliff is a joke?

Does he think the death of four Americans is a joke?

Does he think it funny that, as a result of training the Afghans to take over, as he was harping on, they then take the weapon and shoot our soldiers in the back or the head?

In my lifetime, there has not been a more serious time for our country than now, and I don’t think any of it is funny.

And back to Raddatz, if she wanted so badly to rule the debate, she should have told Biden to act like an adult if he wanted to continue. Then she may have met even the lowest bar for a moderator.

And the democrat mouthpieces, the wind-up dolls like Bob Beckel and Juan Williams, all day yesterday are saying that what Biden did was exactly what they wanted, what the “base” wanted.  And the president comes out and says “I am so proud of Joe” tossing his lot with the rabid, unhinged and mean democrat base.  He may have meant he was so proud of Martha, but you get the picture and it is crystal clear.

If you want the country run like a circus, or I should say continue to be run like a circus, then by all means vote the clown and the joker back in.

Just remember, when some disaster hits, to laugh like Joe the hyena and watch his boss fill up Air Force One for another $70,000 an hour ride to Las Vegas, or more likely Venezuela, so he and his buddy Chavez can watch from afar as the U S. burns.

And remember that, according to Joe, only the president and the vice-president did not know that Benghazi was desperately begging for more security prior to the murders of our ambassador and 3 other Americans.

Think about that.  Only the two people in charge did not know!  Maybe it was because the man at the top did not have time to attend the security briefings because he was just uninterested or campaigning.

But if you want to have the country run by serious people with the best interests of the United States at heart, as I believe the vast majority of the American people do, then you will vote for Romney/Ryan so we will have a chance to stop the decline, stop the bleeding, and begin to build on the firm foundation that has, miraculously I might say, enabled this country to become the leader of the free world in a short 200 years.

And think of the competent men and women they are likely to appoint to their cabinet.  It is a very appealing and comforting thought to me.

In closing, I think the corrupt U. S. media are The Greatest danger there is to our freedom, even greater than terrorism or the debt.  It is now on full display how they lie and rally behind the democrat administration, no matter what happens.

The Benghazi situation is much worse than Watergate, which they ran with night and day until they secured the resignation of Nixon, and they barely mention it.  And when they do, they try to minimize and trivialize it and the shirking of responsibility of this president.  If this happened under a republican president he would have been forced to resign or been impeached by this time.

Watch how they try to sabotage Romney at every turn.  This is both broadcast and print media.  Look closely at the headlines and the tone of articles written by AP or on the front page of Yahoo, how they slyly slant the story in favor of the democrats.

There are many important stories they just don’t cover at all to bury them because they don’t follow or promote the narrative they want to project.

But then, if Romney wins, you will see the most abrupt turnaround you have ever witnessed.  They will suddenly become all about being the critics of the administration as they were with Bush.  They will then be so interested in the war dead once again.  They are shameful – or shameless – or both.  The American people need to somehow rise up against them.

It will be interesting to watch how “Candy” will be able to assist obama next week.  I’m sure they are colluding on it as I write this.

Posted:  10.13.12 A. D. @4:37 p.m.

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