Who are the 3 staffers killed in line of duty in Libya? Updated

Somewhere I got the idea there were two Marines killed at the consulate in Libya, but now I understand there were no Marines guarding the place.

I was wondering about the 3 Americans killed along with the Ambassador.  I’ve been able to find 2 of them so far.

1.  Sean Smith

a U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, was an on-line gamer known as Vile Rat.  He had posted the following message on line:  “(12:54:09 PM) vile_rat: assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.”  This was the day of the killings, I think.  The time differences are confusing to me, but it was at the time of the incident(s).
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/american-diplomat-sean-smith-killed-libya-protests-mourned-eve-online-gaming-community-article-1.1157600#ixzz26MVZGVFu

One of his friends wrote a memorium on his website:  http://themittani.com/news/rip-vile-rat

2.  Glen Doherty

was 42 years old and was working for a private security company when he was killed with US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens in the American consulate in Benghazi Wednesday during what may have been a coordinated terrorist attack.


Quigley said her brother was a SEAL for seven years, and then left the service about four years ago, and started working for a private company hired to provide security for American officials overseas.

During his Navy career, Doherty served in Iraq and Afghanistan. While working for the private company he also spent time in those countries as well as Israel and Kenya. Quigley said her brother had previously done a three month stint in Libya and returned there on Sept. 5.

Picture of him with his family found at the link.  ttp://alturl.com/q2o6b

I don’t know who the third person is yet.

3.  Tyrone Woods

the last to be identified, was a 41-year-old married father of two from Portland, Ore. His name was not released until Thursday when his next of kin were notified of his death.

A government official contacted Woods’ ex-wife, Patty So, to deliver the news early Thursday.

“It doesn’t seem real,” So, mother of Woods’ 15- and 18-year-old sons, told NBC 7 San Diego.

Posted:  09.13.12 A. D. @ 11:11 a.m.  Updated:  09.13.12 A. D. @ 8:21 p.m.

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  1. Anonymous

    Two navy seals…


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