FLOTUS wants to impact the nature of food in the grocery store

Just heard what Michelle Obama says her second term goal to be if her husband (God forbid) is re-elected.

 “Impact Nature of Food in Grocery Stores”

First of all, what on earth could she mean by impacting the nature of food?  Please, God, deliver us from this nightmare.  It would be funny if it didn’t bring tears to your eyes.

This just reminded me of the “big deal” of the first lady’s MyPlate roll out in June of last year, upon which she spent enough to pay a $40,000 per year salary for 50 years:

FLOTUS unveils MyPlate icon, Obama downs hot dog(s), chili & fries in Toledo.

Shouldn’t she concentrate on getting rid of crime in the streets or feeding the hungry?

Or maybe impact the nature of the food of those nearest and dearest to her heart first before she launches into our food.

Someone once said something about getting the log out of your own eye first…..

But we do not intend to let this 2nd term business happen.  We have a chair to fill.

Posted:  09.04.12 A. D. @ 3:45 p.m.


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2 responses to “FLOTUS wants to impact the nature of food in the grocery store

  1. And she gave Gabby Douglas heck for eating a McMuffin!


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