Negative, lying ads and phoney equivalency, corrupt media aiding the obama campaign

I am so infuriated with the double speek – brainwashing with every word.

I just heard somebody, some man, and I don’t even know which channel or which show, but he said something to the effect that Romney “had” to select Ryan because he was falling waaay behind (untrue) and was in for a possible landslide obama win (definitely not true).  This is basically because, he said, negative ads coming from the obama campaign are working, even though they are the lowest of low, but it is somehow Romney’s fault because Romney didn’t act FAST enough in answering these ads.

Notice how no matter how dirty, how low, how dispicable obama’s ads are and were, it’s Romney’s fault because he did not act FAST enough in countering them.  This stupid explanation is typical and puts the blame on Romney and NOT OBAMA where it belongs.  I wish I could remember who this man was, but it doen’t matter even which side he supposedly is on, he exonorates the guilty side.

And have you ever noticed how they attempt to pull some ad out as equivalent to obama’s lowest of low ad and say how BOTH sides are running negative ads?  Not a word about all the rot gut things obama is doing, in fact, they think it’s pretty cool, until he gets caught in a lie he can’t get out of, then the corrupt media suddenly finds offense in BOTH sides and their “negative ads.”

The media, if they were even half way doing their jobs, would condemn the lies and the negative ads and certainly condemn the fact they won’t even stop the ad proven to be a lie.

We don’t have a  media that is a watchdog, but a media who is a democrat/obama advocate.

They just wag their collective tails and obama throws them another treat.  Good boy, what a good boy.

The whole outfit from president to media are corrupt through and through.

Posted:  8.13.12 AD @ 09:19 am.

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