How about a bipartisan bill to extend the Bush tax cuts?

You mean to tell me the dems are fine with letting the taxes increase on all taxpayers, if they don’t get their way, but are not fine with letting taxes remain the same on all taxpayers?

I woke up this morning thinking about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

As I undersstand it, the republicans think they should remain in effect with no one getting a tax increase.  And I think they are right. They should not get another dime!

But the democrats are obsessed with raising taxes for “millionnaires and billionnaires” or all those making more than $250,000 per year, or maybe it’s a million, who knows.   They have been washing our brains for quite a while now as to how this is absolutely fine, in fact, so “fair.”  The amount that would be collected would run the government maybe a week or so.  But nevermind that.

And if the republicans put forth a bill which extends the tax cuts, the democrats stand to block it and thereby cause taxes to go up on EVERYBODY.  This is their threat.

Then they will turn around and blame the republicans for raising taxes on those under $250,000.

Well, wait just a minute, not so fast.

You mean to tell me the dems are fine with letting the taxes increase on all tax payers, but are not fine with letting taxes remain the same on all tax payers?  And they think they will divert blame for that (with the help of their trusty media)?

I say NO they are not to get away with that.  I am sick of their mind games.  Why would the republicans and the public at large stand for this?

If the dems are willing to let all the tax cuts expire, then why would they not be willing to extend all the tax cuts?   I think it would be a nice bipartisan compromise for them to all sign onto a bill that will just leave things AS THEY ARE.

Republicans, please do not let them get you over a barrel with that threat that “it will be your fault for all the taxes going up.”  No, no, no, we know what they are trying to pull.  Stand your ground and make THEM have to answer for it.

Surely they are not foolish enough to allow all taxes to go up just to get their way.  Surely not.

Posted:  07.30.12 A. D. @ 5:44 a.m.

P. S.:  Oh, and by the way, Time magazine, you liberal rag you, we know who the real wimp is!!  Oops, Newsweek, same difference.  They are really too, too funny.

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