Jerry Pearce taking the words right out of my mouth

Wise words from Jerry Pearce:.
I just read a piece by NBC news where they say that Mitt Romney is trailing Obama because of negative campaigning etc. First of all NBC is an Obama campaign network. You can’t and shouldn’t believe anything they say at anytime about this election. Secondly, it is a good thing I am not running against Obama. I would politically dismantle him from the tip of his head to the bottom of his feet. Romney’s staff is afraid of alienating voters if Romney comes on too strong about Obama. Well if I was Mitt Romney, my first question would be; do you want me to run this country or do you want the Communist Party to run this country? I would open up Obama like a can of cheap tuna. The people that will be supporting Obama are either dead or they don’t have enough workable grey matter between their ears to cover the leading edge of a single Frito. Someone needs to push Mitt Romney into a doctor’s office somewhere and get him a triple shot of testosterone. This isn’t politics; this is war! We are fighting for our very survival on this planet. The Obama campaign is causing Mitt Romney to chase red herrings and thereby bury his message in the leftist infiltrated main stream media. If Mitt Romney wants to win this coming election all he had to do is parachute into a Marine Corps encampment in the middle of Afghanistan and have lunch with the troops. That my friends would do it!
Posted:  07.26.12 A. D. @ 3:30 p.m.

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