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Somebody asked: “What can we do in light of this tragic massacre in Colorado?  If we could silence all the talking heads who are now muddying facts or lying again and voicing idiotic “theories” of what happened and what should be done, and get them to allow at least a day or two to pass in respect and mourning, that would the most thoughtful and humane thing that can be done and because it is impossible that the once mainstream media could report anything responsibly.

In other words:  Just STFU!

“A leader of the Tea Party Patriots called on media outlets to “stop all  reckless and false reporting” after ABC News incorrectly linked one of its  Colorado activists to the Batman shooting massacre at an Aurora movie theater  early Friday morning.

“We call on ABC News to immediately stop all reckless and false reporting,  and we are putting all media outlets on notice that false political attacks on  the American people will no longer be tolerated,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the  national co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

“We demand the media report responsibly,” Martin said, adding, “It is  irresponsible for any media outlet to suggest anyone was responsible for this  tragedy other than those involved.”

Brian Ross of ABC News on Friday wrongly suggested  that the shooting suspect – identified by authorities as 24-year-old James  Holmes — could be a tea party activist. Appearing on “Good Morning America,” Ross told host George Stephanopoulos that “there’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora,  Colo., page on the Colorado Tea Party site.”

Ross apparently was referencing this page on the website of the  Colorado Tea Party Patriots.


Regina Thomson, the president of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots, said in a  statement, “The member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots, Jim Holmes, age 52 is  not the same person who has been identified as the shooter.”

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/20/tea-party-leader-tells-media-to-stop-reckless-and-false-reporting-after-batman-shooting/#ixzz21CmBBIh8

Posted:  07.20.12 @ 6:33 p.m.

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