ABC and corrupt media DISTORT Freeh report on Sandusky.

I just heard an ABC radio news report that is so misleading and deceptive it is just beyond words.  I have been trying to keep from getting upset over the news coverage on the Penn State Freeh report, but this was just beyond the pale.

The broadcaster said:  The report said that Joe Paterno and others – AND OTHERS – sought to conceal and on and on and on.  Well, THE OTHERS just happen to be the Ex-President of the University, Graham Spanier/ the Vice-President of Finance and Business who is in charge of THE CAMPUS POLICE, Gary Schult; and Athletic Director, Tim Curley.

And here he goes again.  Quote:  “report called Joe Paterno AND OTHERS callous and shocking.”  This makes me livid.

And I wonder is NOBODY going to mention that Graham Spanier was considered by Obama for Secretary of Education, good liberal democrat that he is.

So the Freeh report gave a few words on Joe Paterno (which wasn’t much at all, just something that Schultz said about TALKING TO HIM and then changing his mind) and excoriated the other three, but the few words is all that is needed for the corrupt media to seize Joe Paterno, even after the man is dead and gone and in the grave, and fail to even mention the names of these three plotting, coniving administrators who were only concerned about being “humane” to who? Not the abused boys, but the serial child molester, Jerry Sandusky.

Of course, Joe Paterno cannot even defend himself, and the investigation DID NOT even talk to him before he died.  He had a MINOR, VERY MINOR role in this, probably the VERY LEAST of anybody.  And they have to drag his name up from the GRAVE to take the blame in the PUBLIC AS THE MEDIA lays it all on him.

I don’t care a flip about Penn State football or football in general but I do care about dragging this man’s name through the mud and leaving the other three untouched, not in the report, but in the WAY THE MEDIA IS REPORTING IT.  They, the Big Three, Spanier, Schultz, and Curley, conspired to cover this abuse up and allowed the Serial Child Molester, Jerry Sandusky, to have an office and free access to the campus.  Emeritus status, no less, after he retired in 1999.

Something has to be done about this corrupt media in this country.  They are so bold in their deception and they lie all the time.  There are some people who catch the news on the fly that I can’t even convince that Joe Paterno was NOT the molester of young boys.  This is the way they presented it – Joe Paterno, child molester, child rape in the same sentence enough times and they get the desired result – and now that he’s DEAD they continue to minimize the roles of the senior officials at Penn State from responsibility.

So why do you think they WON’T name these other three men, especially Graham Spanier?  It is precisely because they KNOW the result of how they are reporting this, the psychological brainwashing and manipulation, that if they said Graham Spanier, child molester, child rapist enough times in the same sentence, he would become the one with the ruined name and they don’t want that.

Is this intentional?  You damn right it’s intentional.  Did they edit tapes to distort the recent case in Florida to make it look worse and fit into their agenda.  You damn right they did.

I absolutely hate the media more every day.  And I have refused to watch except the reading of the report by Freeh himself and a little bit of what the blabber mouths were saying about it.  I was watching HLN and they were broadcasting his word for word reading of the report, UNTIL it got to the point where it was talking about Spanier, Schultz, and Curley and they cut away to commercials and COMMENTS by people just mouthing off about it.  I wanted to HEAR THE REPORT ITSELF.  Because that’s the only thing you can believe.

And so I am listening to the radio to get away from the misrepresentations on tv, and I have to hear this ABC REPORT that has made it impossible for me to be silent.

If anybody wants to know the TRUTH, please read the report, which I am trying to find but CANNOT because I don’t think they want anybody to actually read the thing.  I WILL FIND IT though and post a link.  You cannot believe a thing you hear on the so-called NEWS.

Okay.  Here’s the pdf of the Freeh Report:

Here’s a short article on some of the emails of the Big Three, Spanier, Schultz, and Curley plotting how to cover up the Sandusky problem.  Paterno was involved in no emails, but Curley mentioned having talked to him about what to do with Sandusky.

Complete public remarks of Freeh today:

Posted:  07.12.12 A.D. @7:15 p.m.  Link to report added @ 7:30 p.m


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8 responses to “ABC and corrupt media DISTORT Freeh report on Sandusky.

  1. Rargyll

    Paterno knew about Sandusky’s activities for at least 14 years. He covered it up, lied about it in interviews and to legal authorities, and continued to allow Sandusky to use the facilities for his activities the entire time, even though he was spotted repeatedly in these incidents. If JoePa had said to keep this guy out of the facilties or not allow him to bring children it would have happened. He knew about his friend molesting children for a long time and continued to allow him around the program and to bring children to the faciilties. At an absolute minimum, Sandusky should have been banned from the facilities or not allowed to bring children there, but Paterno did nothing. Why?


    • bellalu0

      Why was Sandusky not prosecuted in 1998 when there was a complete investigation?

      Why was he given emitrius status after he retired in 1999?

      Why was he paid over $168,000 upon retirement, negotiated with university administration?

      Who is victim #6 and where is he now?

      Where is Ray Gricar?

      Notice: On page 103 of the Freeh Report under “Key Findings”, it was reported that PSU’s General Cousel, Baldwin informed everyone that until Sandusky was convicted, his keys and access to the football building could not be removed.

      Paterno had no control over this.


  2. vlab54

    Paterno had a major role. Handwritten notes and emails portray Paterno as being involved in a decision by the officials not to tell child welfare authorities about a 2001 encounter, while other emails show Paterno closely followed allegations made against Sandusky in 1998 (allegations he lied about knowing of).

    And, just to be clear, this was an investigation commissioned by the University.


    • bellalu0

      Notice: The report also found that after learning of the abuse, university leaders rewarded Sandusky with an unusual $168,000 payout and retirement perks without lifting a finger to reach out to his young victims, who were forced to perform sex acts and raped in showers at the college.

      Spanier, who knew of the 1998 and 2001 investigations into Sandusky’s behavior, also green-lighted “emeritus” status for Sandusky, granting him unusual access to the university.


  3. vlab54

    This is a ridiculous article. The Penn State officials are mentioned in every story. But JoePa is the headliner because Sandusky was a friend and associate with an office close to Joe’s and Joe continued to associate with him and said nothing to him about the allegations and continued to allow him to molest children on campus for 14 years. It’s ludicrous to balme the media for reporting the story of a man who enabled a child molester and covered it up, then attempted to cover up the cover-up.


    • bellalu0

      What is ridiculous is the lying media who refuse to give the full story and are engaging in a cover-up themselves as to ALL the responsible parties in this. Who gave Sandusky the office and the key and the Emitrius Status at the university? Who was it who said that it was “humane” not to report the 2001 incident?
      The media should just tell the full truth and report the entire findings of the Freeh investigation. How about focusing on the three LIVING participants, the administrators of Penn State all the way up to the president?


  4. vlab54

    PS How would you feel if it was your children being molested? And know that Joe Pa knew about the incidents and did not report it to the police? And allowed the guy to continue bringing children on campus? And then later lied about knowing about it?

    Sure, he may not have been in favor of child molestation, but he regarded the reputation of his football program as more important than scores of children getting raped by his friend with the office just a few steps away.


    • bellalu0

      You don’t even know enough about the case to know that it WAS reported to the campus police because Gary Schultz was told and he was IN CHARGE of the campus police. The entire system failed not just ONE MAN.

      .Note: The Penn State University Board of Trustees said today that it feels “misled” by former university president Graham Spanier after an independent investigation found that he, along with other top university officials, worked to conceal the child sex abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky.

      It is devious and wrong to make Joe Paterno the Name and Face of the Penn State Sex Scandal.


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