Victim #1 provides emotional testimony in Sandusky child rape trial

Victim #1 takes the stand today.  Victim 1 is the most recent incident, and he is only 18 as of this date.  He was the victim who first told about the abuse.

The sobs from the witness stand were loud and prolonged, the cracking voice of Victim No. 1 in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual molestation trial gasping for breath as he detailed repeated acts of oral sex with the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

Now 18, the witness sat with his hands clasped in his lap, leaned into a microphone and slowly, painfully and purposefully delivered his disturbing memories of being an 11-, 12-year-old boy, alone with Sandusky on the waterbed in Sandusky’s State College basement.

The sighs and sniffs echoed around a rapt Centre County Courtroom as jurors looked on, a couple noticeably disturbed. A few grimaced at the retelling and shook their heads.

For more details, see:–jerry-sandusky-trial-victim-no-1-joe-amendola-second-day-penn-state–.html

Eye witness, Mike McQueary, is testifying this afternoon.  He is testifying as to Victim #2.  Victim #2 is unidentified at this time.

Posted:  06.12.12 @2:54 p.m.

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