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“Big BrObama” is watching you


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Sandusky trial to begin Monday – At the time of his arrest, Obama speaks out on Penn State boy rape scandal

With the Jerry Sandusky jury picked and his trial to begin on Monday, 6.11.12, I was reminded of the president’s uh, uh, and uh, response to Sandusky’s arrest, video at link below.

Obama speaks out on Penn State boy rape scandal.

The president of Penn State (at the time and since 1995) was Graham Spanier, who resigned in the wake of the Sandusky arrest.  Interesting that he was considered by obama for Secretary of Education in 2009.  Also interessting is how Spanier’s name was barely mentioned in the coverage of this case, even though he was ultimately responsible for what happened on that campus, and to this day, I’ll bet very few people would be able to tell you who Spanier is/was.


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