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Manny Pacquiao feels the wrath of the “loving liberals”

The “tolerant” same-sex marriage left has struck again – this time, at the popular hangout The Grove, in Los Angeles. The owner of The Grove, Rick Caruso, tweeted that iconic boxing great and Philippines Congressman Manny Pacquiao would not be allowed “on the premises” thanks to Pacquiao’s outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage. “Boxer Manny Pacquiao is not welcome @TheGroveLA,” he tweeted. “@TheGroveLA is a gathering place for all Angelenos, not a place for intolerance.” Pacquiao was supposed to do an interview today with “Extra” at The Grove.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/16/Pacquiao-banned-LA-Mall

Look at this family.  America giving opportunity and lifting them up with success.  I am not a boxing fan, so this is the first I have heard of him.  Very, very sad.  The man is a Christian and he has stated his beliefs.  This is obama’s America where opinions are met with persecution.  Next these liberals are going to start throwing the Christians to the lions while they cheer from the colisium.  It is the same spirit driving them.

The guy is an obama supporter, but yet absolutely not allowed by the bully left to disagree with him.  My only hope is maybe he will open his eyes to what the far left is all about.  Remember what they did to Juan Williams when he strayed a bit.  He is still chattering on with his democrat talking points as far as I know, even though it was conservatives who stood for him and with him when he was attacked.

I see they call this fighter Pacman.  He can go either way, I guess.  He can cave and bow down and kiss their feet and beg and grovel for forgivness or he can stand his ground and tell them to go eat dirt.  I hope it’s the latter.

Honest to God, I am pretty hard, but this breaks my heart.

P. S.:  He clarified his statement.  I knew what he meant.  It was the reporter who mislead by including a scripture that was not referenced by Pacquiao.


Posted:  05.16.12 @ 7:46 p.m. Update:  05.16,12 @12:36 a.m.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee claim challenged by genealogist

I confess I have not closely followed this story about Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Cherokee heritage.  She claims it, it is refuted, then she comes back and doubles down.  I don’t know Ms. Warren so I have no way of knowing about her heritage, so, as I am awaiting something to convince me one way or the other, I see this letter from a genuine Cherokee descendant and genealogist.

Here’s an except of Twila Barne’s letter to Warren:

“I am writing this letter in the hope it will help end the current situation you have found yourself in. It seems you are being ripped apart in the media because of your claim of Cherokee ancestry and you don’t like it. According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, you believe your opponent is “creating a distraction” by “ridiculously” attacking you “with questions that have already been answered.” It seems you would like the “attacks” against your claims of Cherokee ancestry to stop so I thought I would offer some advice on how to make it stop.

Tell the truth….”

See the rest of the letter at Legal Insurrection.


I believe Ms. Barnes.  And it is so typical of liberal antics.  A lie.  Then the lie is revealed. Then the liberal bears down and compounds the lie.  They have gotten away with this for so long, it is just second nature to them.  So, yes, it appears Elizabeth Warren needs to own up to her deception or come up with some proof..

Posted:  05.18.12 @3:01 p.m.

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