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Barack Obama, a Fraud perpetrated on America

From Hillbuzz some time back:

Since at least the 1964 election, the agenda-driven media in this country has  aggressively promoted the Left’s favored candidates in every election while  strategically targeting conservatives for destruction. A copy of the Alinsky  Rules for Radicals sits in every newsroom in the country, where “journalists” employ Alinsky Methods to polarize, ostracize, ridicule, and impugn Republicans  at every available opportunity.  In the zeal to destroy conservative  politicians, the agenda-drive media quite often reports rumors and innuendo as  concrete fact. Leftist websites like Politico.com rush to be first! in  reporting Republican scandals, never much worrying about being “right”.

A real double-standard’s in play when it comes to accusations made about  politicians: if a Democrat’s being accused of anything, the agenda-driven media  attacks the accuser, digging up any dirt it has on the person and mobilizing the  Alinsky Goon Squads to annihilate this perceived opponent of the Left; if it’s a  Republican who’s been accused of anything, the agenda-driven media heralds the  accuser as the bravest and most courageous person on the planet for coming  forward with dirt on the conservative in the race.

If you have followed Barack Hussein Obama’s meteoric rise to power, you’ve  noticed that anyone asking questions about his background typically finds him or  herself on the receiving end of the Alinsky Attack Machine.  Any criticism  of Obama is called RAAACIST!  Anyone who inquires about the many mysteries  surrounding his “missing years” or his activities while in college and in his  early days in Chicago is called every name in the book in the efforts to  discredit that questioner.

Why is that?

What’s Barack Obama hiding…and what is the Left going to such lengths to keep  hidden?

Could it all boil down to something as simple as Barack Obama being  gay?

Is THAT what all the enigma, subterfuge, and Alinsky Goon Squad assaults are  all really about?

Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle  Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit “beard” of a First Lady?

As the agenda-driven media is always so quick to say when a conservative is  accused of anything:  you be the judge

Read more http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay

Go to Hillbuzz for suggested backup reading material and videos in which Larry Sinclair is interviewed by Kevin DuJan and Meghan Fox as he tells his story of how he met obama, et cetera.

This is all extremely interesting for its own sake, of course, but really this is about the corrupted press and news media, the lefist’s heartless destruction of anyone they choose to target, and how the two work hand in hand to deceive and manipulate the public.  And this is not to say the republicans don’t do it, too.  Because I believe the what I call Karl Rove republicans were behind the “taking out of Herman Cain.”  The Politico and the rest of them assisted the republicans because, one, they are so good at it and it’s second nature to them, and, two, it suited them because they wanted Herman Cain out of the picture, too.   If the republicans were 1/10th as agressive against the democrats as they are in their efforts to choose the republican candidate of their choice, they could defeat the democrats every time.

But back to the democrats who are masters at this Saul Alinsky game, once the light goes on and you can see how the mainstream media and the democrat party control the narrative and seek to form public opinion, you can spot it quickly.  But it is very effective.  They first of all don’t care about the truth of a charge.  As long as they get their sound bytes out there so that casual listeners or unaware listeners can catch just a word or two which appeals to some emotion or prejudice, the truth can come out later but those impressions cannot be erased. And, in fact, they never do come back and clear up the lies they told.  They know this, and they are so corrupt that is actually their goal.

At one time I believed everything I heard on the news.  I thought they were reporting what was happening and I was keeping informed.  Nope. What they are doing is brainwashing, pure and simple.  There’s no way you can know the truth on every single story that comes out, but the first thing I do now, when I hear a piece of news, is think to myself, wait a minute, this just might not be true.  (And it probably is not.)  Then research and wait.  Just wait and see how it develops.

I am not yet sure how this Newsweek cover plays into the plan, or even if it does.  These things are planned out meticulously.  The gay marriage scenario began as far back as the sudden appearance of the “girlfriends.”  I don’t know where it’s going.  But it would not surprise me if it ends with obama coming out of the closet.  No joke.  There could be something out there that is getting ready to break, and they have been preparing for it, trying to diffuse it.  Since lots of people now know the way this works and are trying to beat them at their own game, they probably don’t know exactly themselves.  This is just a wait and see.

Then there’s his drug use in high school.

And his radical associates and controversial church.

How did this man get elected president in the first place?  Fraud.

Posted:  05.14.12 @ 8:47 a.m.

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