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HAGS I mean NOW join with Media Matters for new assault on Rush

They have gone completely bonkers.  NOW and Media Matters are so intent on removing Rush from the air they are actually advising their people to listen to him so they can then target local advertisers and try to get them to drop his show.  Now that is a high level of insanity and desperation and just plain hate these people have.  They are advised to take frequent breaks to avoid mental breakdown.  🙂

There’s a concept.  They are already in mental difficulty, otherwise, they would not be liberals.

It’s as if they are advising their people to take the poison (they claim) so they can then prove to others it is poison.  🙂   Nuts.

I guess the phoney war on women technique didn’t work.  Neither will this.


If they could ONLY just leave us alone!  Whatever happened to TURN THE DIAL?  But then, that is the insanity in full bloom.  They are now all going to listen!  Nuts.

Posted:  05.04.12 @ 2:57 p.m.

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