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Young Obama pot smoking choom gang

In his 1995 memoir “Dreams of My Father,” Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”

He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.–abc-news-politics.html

I’ll just throw this classic in for fun – Democrat Marijuana Hall of Fame:

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Obama speaks doom and gloom to Joplin graduating class

He has gone from hope and change to this::

As you begin the next stage in your journey, wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, it’s safe to say you will encounter greed and selfishness, and ignorance and cruelty, sometimes just bad luck. You’ll meet people who try to build themselves up by tearing others down. You’ll meet people who believe that looking after others is only for suckers.

His entire speech was not that depressing, but the fact thst he made such a statement as that to a high school graduating class is just unbelievable, and disturbing to know that he is our president.

Now watch the video below.  Rush Limbaugh in Joplin, Mo. on Independence Day 2011, a little over a month after the tornado.  Now this is what America is all about.  

Rush also donated $100,000 to the Joplin relief fund.

What a contrast, huh? 

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