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Barack valiantly using executive powers to protect troops against Unscrupulous College Recruiters!!

This is really funny.  If I were advising The barack obama, I’d tell him to stay the hell at home and STFU.  Here he is using his mighty executive power to…..

Make sure the military has weapons to defend themselves without policies that require them to fight with their hands tied behind their backs?  No.

Make sure that they have grade A medical treatment when they get out of the service?  No.

Make sure they have a commander in chief who really has their back instead of using them as a photo opportunity?  No.

Stand back.  The mighty barack is here.

He wants to make sure they don’t get taken advantage of by unscrupulous college recruiters.  Get that?  Unscrupulous college recruiters!!  Wow.  He is going to protect them from those enemy hostile college recruiters after they have put their very lives on the line trying to protect the country from savages who think nothing of chopping off heads?  How insulting can he be?  I wish he would shut up until November when we can put a giant period at the end of his administration and won’t ever have to hear his droning voice again.

President Barack Obama, flashing his executive power in an election year, is promoting measures to safeguard veterans and members of the military against unscrupulous college recruiters.

In his Internet and radio address Saturday, Obama reiterated a series of measures he announced the day before at Fort Stewart, Ga., to protect current and former servicemen and women as they seek educational opportunities under the GI Bill.

Posted:  04.28.12 @ 11:20 p.m.

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