Wasserman Schultz made statement on CNN which she now denies

Well, can you say bald faced lie?  I thought at first this was referring to one of these video/audio recordings that can barely be heard, but NO, she said this on CNN.  A lie is a lie is a lie.  Here she is doing demo talking point, actually, how the republicans want to do mean and horrible things like “they want to take us back to Jim Crow”  because some believe a person should present a picture ID to vote.  I have always been asked for an ID and I don’t mind at all.  How does one do anything in this country without a picture ID?

I believe these people, like Wasserman Schultz (and Jay Carney yesterday) depicting “republicans” (or really anybody who has a different view from them) in these outrageous ways are insulting the American people such as myself who think it’s fine to require an ID and also who support the Ryan budget.  Neither of these things anywhere near makes me “aggressively ignorant” or trying to drag America back to days of Jim Crow.  It isn’t smart to portray those who disagree in those terms.  It is especially inappropriate for those in high positions to do this.

See video:


Posted:  03.21.12 @ 11:59 a.m.

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