Carney’s psycho projection: calls Ryan and supporters aggressively ignorant with diminished capacity to boot

Wow.  Is he getting hysterical or what?

From the Washington Examiner:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney didn’t pull any punches in his attack on Paul Ryan’s budget, as he declared that supporters of the budget — and by extension, Ryan himself — are “aggressively and deliberately ignorant” about the need for green energy and other programs slated for cuts.

“You have to be aggressively and deliberately ignorant of the world economy not to know and understand that clean energy technologies are going to play a huge role in the 21st century,” Carney said after decrying the clean energy spending cuts in Ryan’s plan. “You have to have severely diminished capacity to understand what drives economic growth in industrialized countries in this century if you do not understand that education is the key that unlocks the door to prosperity,” he added.

Carney concluded that “the budget proposed by Chairman Ryan and supported overwhelmingly already by Republicans suggests that those problems” — aggressive ignorance and diminished comprehension — “exist in the minds of the supporters of that plan.”

And his boss tomorrow is going to Copper Mountain Solar in Nevada (battleground state) to show us just how successful his idiotic green energy is.  Plant has 5 full time employees, supposedly provides energy for 17,000 homes.  In Nevada?  NO, in California.  So, give obama and his bunch a brain and they’ll take it out and play with it.

We are heading over a cliff and the obama administration is whistling Dixie.   

At Copper Mountain Solar where obama will speak tomorrow

Now don’t you know it takes a REAL mind to waste money on this.  Just mark me down as aggressively ignorant.  That’ll be just fine.

Posted:  03.21.12@ 4:10 p.m.


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5 responses to “Carney’s psycho projection: calls Ryan and supporters aggressively ignorant with diminished capacity to boot

  1. New technologies take time and money to start. NASA was very expensive but we put a man on the moon and kick started a tech boom that is still going, inspiring people from all over the world to be innovative. You think we would have the Iphone if not for NASA? Think again.
    Solar energy may not be perfect now, but we are planning for the future. A future with out Oil Spills and constant black outs. Why is Clean energy so abhorrent to you? Wouldn’t you like to live in a world with clean air and clean water AND have all kinds of technology? You might hate Obama but he is going to lead to the future not live in the past with the GOP.


    • bellalu0

      It’s not abhorrant, it’s just stupid. If you think about it for a while, you will see that he is not leading anybody into the future, he is going backwards. So he is closing down NASA in order to do what? He is wasting money we have had to borrow to power 17,000 homes in California from Nevada. Now that is dumb. And whose money is this being wasted? Money we need to run the country. If it becomes economically feasible to manufacture solar panels, there will be plenty of private money ready, willing, and able to make them. Nobody wants solar panels. What’s so hard to understand about that. And now I hear he is going to make a big speech tomorrow and say he is approving the pipeline – from Canada? NO, from Oklahoma! Oklahoma to the Gulf. We need to start at the source of the oil in Canada, not 3/4 of the way down the country. Talk about a bridge to nowhere!! And he is blocking the oil from Canada. This is why people do not support his policies. They make no sense, especially at a time when we are going down the drain financially. Obama is inept. And the biggest liar ever to be president. Thank goodness, he is on his way out.


      • You must be seeing different poll than I am. His apporoval is at about 50% and in most of the key battle ground states like Ohio, Pennsilvania and florida he has a wide lead on any of the three GOP candidates.

        As for being stupid, I don’t think so. The sun is the ultimate renewable resorce. Oil is the energy of the past. it is messy and ugly. would you rather have an oil rig on your property or some photovoltaic panals on your roof? This is the future, you should except it. He isn’t perfect but keep in mind that congress’s approval is at about 8% so I think he is okay at 50%


  2. bellalu0

    I am not even sure this plant is producing energy at this time, but at best it is just a effort in futility costing way too much to be sensible.
    Obama will be defeated in a landslide. There’s no question about that
    Oh, and I would much rather have an oil rig on my property. Oil has made many a millionnaire. I wouldn’t mind it a bit.



    The truth about he Keystone pipeline.

    And I didn’t say an Oil rig for you to sell, just something to power your house. I’m saying wouldn’t you rather have a nice clean solar power plant next door than a messy, dirty, smelly, oil refinery? I know I would. And It’s going to happen. I just want people to be on the right side of history for once.

    Besides, it is unlikely that you would find oil in your backyard, but I can pretty much guarantee that you get some sunshine. All day everyday, energy just pouring itself on us, and we laugh and say ‘no thanks Id rather play in the mud, and get my energy from the past, and burn.’

    Join us in the future.


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