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We don’t want Obama cars – too expensive/don’t work

Plug-in cars:  The Fisker Karma costs over $100,000 and consumer reports couldn’t even complete their test before it broke down.  They had to call a wrecker and haul it off.


WASHINGTON – Terry McAuliffe is in the car business.
The former Virginia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful recently paid $20 million for Hong Kong-based EuAuto Technology, which builds an electric vehicle called the MyCar. The vehicle is for people who need wheels to run errands or tool around the neighborhood.

This baby car will cost between $13,00 and $16,000 and is supposed to travel 70 miles at 45 MPH on a charge.  Haha.   That’s what they say…..

Terry McAuliffe, a former Virginia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, is the new owner of a Hong Kong firm that makes the electric MyCar, which can travel 70 miles on a single charge.

I saw Terry McAuliffe this morning bragging about this joke of a car.

It is not designed for the highway but to run errands.  I can see why.  Picture it on an interstate highway with a passing semi truck.  It would be blown off the road.  I think it’s just a little bigger than a golf cart.

It’s not like we don’t have perfectly fine automobiles – beautiful cars that work just fine.  If you want a golf cart, you can just buy one at about  $3,000 to $4,000.


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More democrat hypocrisy – Energy Secty Chu testified he does not own car but his wife owns gas guzzling BMW

In a piece of video that shot across the Internet Thursday like a sports car doing zero-to-60 in four seconds, Energy  Secretary Stephen Chu told the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power that he  does not own a car. But The Daily Caller has confirmed that Chu’s wife does — and it’s quite an automobile.

There’s no Chevy Volt in the Chu household’s driveway. TheDC has  obtained motor vehicle registration records showing that Jean Chu  (née Fetter) is the owner of a 2002 BMW 325i, a sports sedan with a  gas-guzzling 6-cylinder engine.

And its engine requires premium gasoline. AAAdetermined on Thursday that the average U.S. price for  that grade of fuel was $4.03 per gallon.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/09/energy-sec-chu-doesnt-own-car-but-his-wife-drives-bmw-gas-guzzler/#ixzz1ocRgU747

Testifying before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power on  the department’s FY2013 Budget Request, Energy Sec. Stephen Chu said he  didn’t own a car..

Sec. Chu was praising the Chevy Volt electric car and making the case  for the government to spend to help the vehicle, when the Energy Secretary was  asked if he drove a Chevy Volt.

“No, I don’t own a car at the moment,” Sec. Chu testified.

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