Gloria Allred wants Rush arrested

Liberal heads are exploding all over the place.  I believe Ms. Allred is in need of psychiatric treatment.  Politico (remember Sharon Bialek?) reports Gloria Allred is advocating Rush’s arrest for calling Mz. Fluck a name.  And based on a law from 1883 making it a misdemeanor to question a woman’s chastity.  (Chastity: the state and practise of sexual abstinence outside of marriage, clean in thought, word, and deed.)

Mz. Fluck has already removed any question about her chastity or lack thereof.

Wow.  Allred –  Off the deep end…

Posted:  03.19.12

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One response to “Gloria Allred wants Rush arrested

  1. bellalu0

    Just as a side note, only yesterday a new Palm Beach County district attorney, Peter Antonacci, was appointed to replace Michael McAuliffe (D) and to serve out his term through January 7th.
    Any connection to Ms. Allred’s actions? Probably not, but there are not too many coincidences…..just interesting.

    (Denise Nieman, the county attorney, said she forwarded the letter to the state attorney’s office, which handles criminal matters. The state attorney’s office had no immediate comment.)

    Read more here:


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