Walmart and Target have been offering $9.00 per month birth control since 2007

Quick.  Somebody tell Ms. Fluck.

Just to illustrate how ridiculous and silly the screeching left are, Walmart and Target have been offering birth control pills (plus other women’s health medications) for $9.00 per month for about four years.

The press is already a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda, free speech is all but gone due to black listing and other commie McCarthy tactics, and the freedom to exercise religion of choice is under direct attack.  That’s the three bedrocks of freedom in the constitution.  I don’t see how anybody can not be alarmed by this.

Women can get birth control at Walmart for the cost of two lattes at  Starbucks.

Yet for the past two months, the Left and their media minions have been  making contraceptives out as so expensive that women can’t possibly afford them  if they’re not included in their health insurance plans.

See a whole list of medications covering women’s health at Newsbusters.

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Posted:  03.05.12 @ 11:00 a.m.

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