Rush Limbaugh a closeted democrat?

Just read this piece by Joan Walsh in Salon.  Here is an excerpt:

I’ve decided Rush Limbaugh must be a closeted Democrat. I can’t think of any other reason he would be leading the Republican Party over a political cliff by advising that they double down on the culture wars.

With new poll data showing that President Obama is quickly gaining ground among women voters, at least partly due to Republican extremism on contraception, Limbaugh told his listeners Thursday that the GOP would win the election if it’s decided on culture-war terms.

“Something tells me, that if the upcoming election could be decided on social issues, the Republicans could win that in a landslide, because we are on the right side of the culture war,” he said. “The problem is, we’re scared to death of it. The Republican establishment wants no part of it.”

Smart Republicans are indeed afraid of the culture wars – because they know they’re on the losing side. Sadly, there aren’t very many smart Republicans anymore; or at least there aren’t very many who will stand up to extremists in their base and say enough is enough on their jihad against birth control.

Wow.  A “jihad against birth control?”  A jihad?  Ah, the new tone.

This Joan Walsh is one dumb broad.  And the funny part is she thinks she is the utmost in intelligence.

NOBODY wants to take her ever-lovin’ birth control pills, for god’s sake.

She and her kind are the ones running a jihad.  They presume to know what Americans think, and they are so wrong.  This is the boneheadedness that is going to lose for them.  There’s going to be such a landslide against their ilk in this country and it is going to make their heads spin.

I frankly think it is they, obama and his minions like Joan Walsh, that have gone off the cliff.

Remember, it is obama who started the contraceptive controversy.  As someone pointed out, it was really George Stephanopoulis who first threw out the question when he bore down on his questioning of Romney in the ABC debate.  And you think ABC and the rest of the media are not working in concert with the obama administration and the democrats?  Think again.  They needed this issue – this non-issue – so they could then claim the republicans are trying to get rid of contraceptives.  Not true.  As long as the government stays out of the Bedroom, all is well.  But obama cannot tell the church what they have to do.  He cannot and he will not and he has overstepped his bounds.

He has, however, done the impossible – united the Catholic Church and the Baptists and evangelicals.  Whoa, I don’t think he saw that coming.

I think it has backfired big time.  So, don’t worry your pretty little head about it, Ms. Walsh.  Have your day, yak your trash.  You just don’t know what you are dealing with.

Posted:  02.21.12 @1:51 p.m.

“So ignore them. They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.”


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6 responses to “Rush Limbaugh a closeted democrat?

  1. V. Duffield

    Actually, there is a movement within the anti-abortion movement to make birth control pills illegal. It has been there for at least a decade. While I believe all birth control pills will eventually be off the market because of their side effects, right now most American women are going to resist candidates who want to make them illegal. Condoms, diaphrams, all other barrier methods and implants will be the next targets. Just watch.


  2. rich wening

    rush and all his readers and listeners are dumb as fence posts, and a more self centered group of people i`ve never seen, to pay a little more to help the country and the poor, and they are to greedy to want to help, shame on them, i do not think there is a god, but if there was i think he or she would be pissed


  3. rush is a alien from the star trek universe frengi for his ethics, romulen for his general anti-human hostility. great makeup job though


  4. if rush has true convictions (?) he is not being strong enough. do not let the front runners get away with it.


  5. Anonymous

    What he is saying is: “Why should the common tax payer pay for contraceptives for women” I agree and if you actually take a vote you would see the majority of Americans agree. Not just the opinion of some liberals who happen to make it to the media. This country is going down hill because we don’t fight for the right thing just give money to bandade the problem


  6. Zagreb flower

    Anyone that thinks limbaugh was unjustified in his comments needs to realize he was speaking of the claims that Sandra floosie I mean fluke suggested that during her three years at Georgetown university law school it cost her three thousand dollars for birth control medicines. The fact that she was not contrite in saying she needs specific medication that would cost more, she allowed for the innuendo that she can use just normal contraceptive medicine. So what rush was suggesting was to quit having so much sexual activity because she never stated she had a medical condition that would force her to to get specialized medicine.

    Sandra had every opportunity to vet whether Georgetown university was a catholic university prior to the admission process that I’m sure in retrospect wish they disallowed for the negative attention this catholic institution has received. Floosie, I mean Fluke, didn’t do her due diligence when looking at potential law schools, nor, did she consider the catholic faith when she stated her belief in gender surgeries for sexual reassignment. She is a pawn of the far left liberal machine that tries in every attempt to control the lives of the American public. At some point, we as Americans, must say no and say enough handouts that the united states of America is too great a land to be relegated debt wise to the likes of Greece and Spain. Rush is being criticized for comments that although fiery and devicive are way less insulting to women compared to liberal blowhard bill maher, the left wing comedian and liberal dicksucker of the democratic party. Even maher tweeted about the limbaugh comments that at least he apologized. Limbaugh may not be right about his comments, however, fluke was never put to task about her highly inflated 3,000 cost for birth control measures.

    The democrats also set her up in a mock hearing atmosphere because the actual congressional hearing was ruled illegal as a result of the liberals pulling their expert testimony, and only videotaping fluke’s testimony. The democrats played this to the hilt, in that sense a job well done, but the double standard that exists among the left regime in this country regarding women as well as the take this testimony for what it’s worth with absolutely no chance of perjury charges for the absolutely insane numbers that she testified to spending during her three years at Georgetown university.

    Sandra fluke is a decent looking girl, I’m not suggesting I wouldn’t sleep with her but I would at least splurge for a condom, so that Sandra wouldn’t take her place on a partisan pulpit. I mean her boyfriend should be helping her out with her birth control measures or her parents, why should I as an American taxpayer. That is what is absolutely ridiculous, that her boyfriend, won’t or refuses to buy condoms. He, I’m guessing it’s a man, although she did voice her opinion that government should also pay for gender reassignment surgery so her significant other could be Chaz Bono.

    The fact is I am sick of contributing to welfare, because of its multitude of misappropriation and disgusted by government giving handouts to each and every person with a poor me victim attitude. I know the majority of people regardless of party affiliation agrees with me because if people can complain that this person or that person did me wrong they didn’t give me a chance or you should pay for this or that for me, if a quater of that energy would be put into working and quit begging for a kickback or a handout our national debt would steadily go down with proper management by the government, our unemployment would dip below 8 percent, and finally, hopefully, our economy will rebound ten fold because we no longer will be asking what our country will do for us but idealistically what we can do for ourselves.

    GROW UP AMERICA. We are over eighteen years old, let’s start acting like grown ups and not like the coddled individuals in section eight housing, in welfare and Medicare lines, and pick ourselves up and realize that American dream is still possible as long as we pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and do for ourselves, not looking all sullen face like the college students at Georgetown that Sandra Fluke testified about.

    Lastly, what exactly does the struggling law student that can’t get birth control on the house exactly look like. If anyone knows please post a picture I would love to see it.


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