His highness obama offers “accommodation” to Catholic Church

His holy highness obama in his mercy has offered an accommodation/indulgence to the bishops for their failure to obey his command to provide free birth control to all women no matter “where they work ” I don’t think he will ever forgive them though.  He has instead commanded the insurance companies to provide it for free, and I don’t think he even told them he was going to command such a thing.

(Pregnancy is not a disease so preventing it or ending it is not health care to begin with and free birth control is not a right, although free birth control has now been placed on the same level or even above freedom of religion.)

We are all Catholics now.


It is totally sexist to put all the focus on women, women rights, women reproductive rights, et cetera, et certera.   I don’t know, maybe I missed the free condoms.  And sex without a condom?  Now that might qualify as a disease.  Or at least the spreading of one….or more.


Posted:  02.11.12 @ 6:56 a.m.


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