Obama goofs at Disney World in Florida – says he’s at Disneyland

obama shuts down Main Street of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World to talk about tourism.  At Cinderella’s Castle, the president of the United States goofs again, says he’s at Disneyland. 

“Obviously our national security is a top priority,” Obama said, as he stood in front of the Magic Kingdom. “But we also want to get more international tourists coming to America.”
Foreign tourists want to come to the United States, Obama said, and the country needs the jobs that tourism will spur.
“This image is something that’s recognized all around the world,” Obama said, pointing to the castle behind him.
That’s when he accidentally said he was in Disneyland.

“A place like Disneyland represents [the] quintessentially American  spirit.”

Huh?  We’re not looking to send any tourists to California.

I get a sneaking feeling that this Executive Order he signed has consequences other than tourism.  It’s obama going around congress and doing what he wants to do.

He flew Air Force One to Florida to utter a few words to “invited guests only” and closed down Disney World’s Main Street to those who had purchased tickets.  After about a 15 minute talk, he was back onboard going to NYC.  What a waste of time and money to use Air Force One for all this campaigning at more than $68,000 fuel cost per hour.

Posted:  01.19.12 @ 2:39 p.m.




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