Ever wonder why Newsweek was sold for $1?



To democrats/progressives:

Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, has purchased Newsweek magazine.

This is an outrage, right?

Oh, wait a minute.  I got that wrong.  It’s Democrat Congresswoman, Jane Harman’s husband, Sidney Harman, instead. (Note:  this was at the time Newsweek changed hands in 2010)

Now tell me how this is not a conflict of interest?

Imagine the outcry if this were a republican!!  Let’s watch the double standard play itself out here.  I’m sure it will be a-okay since it’s a mighty democrat involved.  (More of the 03.08.10 post here:  http://bellalu0.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/newsweek-magazine-sold-to-who/)

This is old news, but it is relevant as to where Newsweek is coming from.  You might say they are “owned” by the DNC obama organization.

With that in mind, it is no surprise Newsweek covers their imaginary magazine with references to obama critics as being dumb.  I take issue with that one.   I am wondering why obama’s supporters are so dumb.  Of course, IF that were on the cover, there would be protest all over the media.  You will never see a headline “Why are obama’s supporters so dumb.”  Never.


Posted:  01.17.12 @1:28 p.m.

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