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Brian Williams points a finger at George Bush

NBC News agent provocateur Brian Williams jumped on AZ governor Jan Brewer for wagging her finger at Obama. Last Thursday Brian implored: “Who have you ever seen talking to the president like this and what was this all about?”

The double standard is getting as thick as mud on the obama media.  These people absolutely have no bottom.

The left – so quick to point the finger at others with rules they make up as they go along and never apply to themselves.

Chris Matthews was having a lapse of memory this morning, too:

And the once trusted AP refers to Occupiers that burned an American flag as “largely peaceful.”

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Cain endorsed Gingrich

They share the same “sausage grinder” – the media, the democrats, and the GOP establishment.  Cain endorses Newt and Newt tells the traveling circus, the press, to find their own damn ride.  🙂

“I hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse Newt Gingrich for president of the United States!” Cain said. “One of the biggest reasons is the fact that I know that Speaker Gingrich is a patriot, Speaker Gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas and I also know that Speaker Gingrich is running for president and going through this sausage grinder. I know what this sausage grinder is all about.”

Posted:  01.28.12  @10:50 p.m.

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The State of the Union is miserable

Blip.  Let’s move on.

If you think it all sounded familiar…..

I heard a couple of new things.  The Navy buying some turbines or something?  So he is cutting the defense budget and forcing the Navy to spend money on something they don’t need and don’t want which cuts into their funds even more.  Sounds like he is now going to funnel his green energy nonsense thorough the military.

And something about a job corp for returning soldiers?

So he has a sudden burst of love for the troops and is going to try linking his foolishness to the military thinking that nobody will resist it or it will be harder to resist.  We’ll see how far he carries that.

Posted:  01.25.12 @ 1:22 a.m.

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Gingrich wins big in S. C. – 40% Gingrich to 28% Romney

Told ya’ women would not fall for ABC’s blatant attempt to knock Gingrich out.  And the press is still calling Romney the “frontrunner” when he hasn’t Ever been the frontrunner.  Now watch the GOP establishment (led by Karl Rove and his little white board) try to bolster Romney, along with the media and the demos.  So predictable.  And the MSM (MFM) this morning is babbling on endlessly (MSNBC particularly).  They are so far off base they look silly and I think even they know it.  Their usual tactics are not working as well as expected.

Gingrich – 243,153  40%

Romney – 167,279  28%

100% precincts reporting


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary  by a landslide, with numbers so big that the major networks called the race  almost immediately after the polls closed.

Heading into South Carolina, Gingrich’s campaign was lagging after poor  performances in Iowa and New Hampshire — and drawing criticism for ads that his  Super PAC was running attacking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for his  time at Bain Capital.

But Gingrich turned it around and surged to victory.  With 99 percent of precincts reporting results, he was winning every single  county, which would mean he would take all of the states’ 25 delegates. The  overall vote count showed a 40–28 advantage for Gingrich over Romney.

“With your help, we are now moving to Florida and beyond,”Gingrich told a raucous, enthusiastic crowd at his victory party in the state  capital of Columbia.

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Posted:  01.22.12 @10:58 a.m.

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I’ll vote for Newt for taking it to the media!

Okay.  I have made up my mind.

On January 21st, early voting begins in Florida and I’m voting for Newt Gingrich.

His response to John King last night on the CNN debate  won me over.

The corrupt media may never be ashamed, they may never stop their biased reporting, but by golly, it was heartwarming indeed to hear the cheering and see the standing ovation of the audience.  More and more the people are seeing through the media games and manipulation.  Once the public turns on them, it won’t matter what they do or say.

Newt Gingrich cheated on his wife.  How many years ago was that?  And I do believe he was cheating With this second wife while he was married to someone else.  So what does that make her?  Doesn’t say much for him, but if Bill Clinton can screw around with a girl in the oval office, rape women, and whatever else he did and does, there is no reason whatsoever why a republican should have to step aside or step down for sexual indiscressions.  That’s just the damn truth.

But who cares?  Sex is a personal matter, right?

Classic case of He Said She Said:

He said:  I want an open marriage.

She said:  No.

And now it is said that women will turn on Newt because of this.  Because of what?  That’s just crazy.

The “earthquake” news was he said to his wife he wanted an open marriage and she said no.   It’s hilarious and silly.

Women are smarter than to be manipulated in this manner.

I have had some hesitation about Newt, but certainly not because of infidelity.  The democrats would give him a medal, that is, if he were not republican.  Bill Clinton is now almost a democrat idol, going around making speeches and giving advice.  The double standard is glaring.  I.Am.Sick.Of.It.

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Obama goofs at Disney World in Florida – says he’s at Disneyland

obama shuts down Main Street of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World to talk about tourism.  At Cinderella’s Castle, the president of the United States goofs again, says he’s at Disneyland. 

“Obviously our national security is a top priority,” Obama said, as he stood in front of the Magic Kingdom. “But we also want to get more international tourists coming to America.”
Foreign tourists want to come to the United States, Obama said, and the country needs the jobs that tourism will spur.
“This image is something that’s recognized all around the world,” Obama said, pointing to the castle behind him.
That’s when he accidentally said he was in Disneyland.

“A place like Disneyland represents [the] quintessentially American  spirit.”

Huh?  We’re not looking to send any tourists to California.

I get a sneaking feeling that this Executive Order he signed has consequences other than tourism.  It’s obama going around congress and doing what he wants to do.

He flew Air Force One to Florida to utter a few words to “invited guests only” and closed down Disney World’s Main Street to those who had purchased tickets.  After about a 15 minute talk, he was back onboard going to NYC.  What a waste of time and money to use Air Force One for all this campaigning at more than $68,000 fuel cost per hour.

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What’s going on at ABC? Susan Rice married to ABC producer

In nominating Ambassador Rice, President Barack Obama said, “Susan has been a close and trusted advisor.”


What’s going on with Begala, Carville, Stephanopoulos, Rahm Emanuel and Susan Rice’s husband?.

Stephanopoulos producer, Ian Cameron,  is married to Susan Rice.

Anybody think ABC is not working for obama and the democrats?  Republicans:  They are NOT our friends!

Reposted:  01.19.12 @ 11:14 a.m.

SNAP – I just read that Ian left ABC sometime in 2010, but I can’t prove it.  I am having a discussion with myself as to whether I should take this down or not…..

But actually, according to the Harry Reid doctrine, I think it is up to them to prove it.

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