Obama to request rise in debt ceiling another $1 Trillion ~ as he plays his 91st round of golf

Here he is, working hard for the American people.


Standing ready to request the debt ceiling be raised another $1 Plus Trillion.



Posted:  12.31.11 @ 6:30 a.m.


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5 responses to “Obama to request rise in debt ceiling another $1 Trillion ~ as he plays his 91st round of golf

  1. Iowa First In The Nation Prepares To Saddle Up & We’re Off To The Races. Some video of Imus Guest This Morning, James Carville and Frank Luntz both humping the inevitability of a Romney nomination, and simultaneously pointing how weak a candidate he will be in the General.



  2. Anonymous

    James Carvelle has no credibility. He was so thoroughly wrong in his 2009 perdictions as he did not see 2010 coming. http://www.examiner.com/literature-in-new-orleans/james-carville-predicts-40-more-years-of-democratic-party-dominance-book

    With all the undecideds in Iowa, (and elsewhere for that matter) there could be some suprises tonight. We’ll see.

    I sort of think people are not revealing much to pollsters and will make their statement only when they vote.

    I notice Frank Luntz said the media was in Iowa in force. They, too, are trying to figure out what is going on.

    Most people have figured out the media twists everything anyway so it is best they stay in the dark.



    • Bella, that’s the truth they are trying to spin Romney holding onto 25% as a positive, that means he couldn’t get 75% of the vote in Iowa. He has had about 6 years of running for President but he can’t close the deal and the MSM won’t stop shilling for him.

      I think it’s helpful that Bachmann dropped out a couple of days ago Sarah Palin had suggested she do just that. If Perry had dropped out IMO that meant the race was over, and the coronation of for Mr 25% commence 🙂


      • bellalu0

        I have had to laugh at the fact that Romney has been constantly called the “frontrunner” no matter that he has been behind almost all the candidates to varying degrees the whole time.

        Did you notice how there was this big delay last night before they managed to come up with the five votes. They were bound and determined he come out on top.


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