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Newt Gingrich does NOT automatically get Cain’s voters!

It just hit me how the media is at it again.  No sooner did Cain get out of his mouth he was withdrawing than it was everywhere – everywhere in both print and on tv – that Newt Gingrich would get his voters.

I even made a comment about it myself and I know not to listen to them.

So WHY does Newt get Herman Cain’s voters?  HE DOES NOT.  For some reason, once again, the media is trying to influence us.  Newt is far from the next choice in my book.  I would think Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum would be likely choices.  Maybe even Ron Paul.  But Newt Gingrich?

Cain steps down because of accusations of some vague kind of sexual misconduct – don’t think any one of them ever in their unproven accusations said they actually had sex with him – and the next person in line is a serial carouser and a man who is now on his third, at least, wife?  A man who has NOT been a steady conservative either.

And I just don’t believe the accusations against Herman Cain.  There is something going on at the restaurant association, somebody connected with the restaurant association – something – because the man is 65 years old and now all these roaches coming out of the woodwork accusing him of stuff and every one of them is from the restaurant association, and he didn’t even work there but about two years.  Something rotten about it.

I say to myself:  BEWARE when trying to listen to the most minimum of news coverage – even five minutes is too much.  They already put that thought in my head on Gingrich benefiting from Cain’s withdrawal.  And I search Herman Cain to read what is in print about him, and I see multiple articles saying the same thing.

I wonder how long it will be before he gets knocked out too, though.  He has to be elevated first, whoopee he is ahead in the polls, then the establishment will come forth and bump him off.  Notice the only person in the race now who has escaped even a word of criticism is Mitt Romney.  And, of course, the democrat candidate – Barack Obama, who will forever and always be the most historic, most wonderful, smartet man alive to the sorry excuses for news organizations we have. 

Don’t even mention that Herman Cain is a much more historic American figure than Barack Obama will ever be.  They won’t give Cain a word of praise.  The New York Times described the atmosphere in Atlanta as “a circus.”  Now, that is not a true statement, but an intentional derisive description.  They would never describe anything connected with Barack Obama as a circus.

Barack Obama  certainly does not deserve any praise, especially since now the only thing historic about him is he is a historic disaster for the country and lazy to boot.  He now embarks on another vacation – 17 days in Hawaii.  Frankly, I wish he would just stay there until November and then we can get rid of him for good.  We could save the money it will cost to fly him back here.

Posted:  12.04.11 @ 4:35 p.m.

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Democrat presidential candidate accused of drugs and illicit sex

…..Obama, too, is a presidential candidate…..


90 Cain stories in Politico in 5 days


Did you ever hear about Larry Sinclair from Politico or on MSNBC or CNN or anywhere else during the Obama 2008 campaign? I didn’t think so. 

“You may have noticed that the MSM has been busying itself with the political lynching of Herman Cain. And their normal defense of “we’re just reporting the news” simply won’t hold up this time. Not when they went to such great lengths to ignore the following:”


Are these allegations true or untrue? Remember – Barack Obama is running for president, too, and subject to questions as much as other candidates.

“We are just trying to get some basic questions answered here.”


The Obama/democrat biased media protects their own, excusing and ignoring the faults of democrats, attacking the accusers not the accused.  But dig up an accusation against a republican, the accuser is elevated to hero status and the accused is automatically guilty without any proof whatsoever. 

You will notice the same dishonesty in their reporting of the tea party and the @#$%occupy protests.  The tea party was evil and racist and violent in their reporting when they never once had an arrest or caused a problem.  The @#$$%occupy was both violent and messy and caused a lot of trouble, and tried their level best to incite the police and the media has praised them the whole filthy time. 

They should be ashamed, but are they?  No, they take up for themselves.  But they know what they are doing.  I’m sure they all have scripts they follow.  We should boycott them, go around them, ignore them, and they will more and more be talking to air.

It is a shame the way we allow this handful of yappying demon voices control opinions and actions and events.  The news is not news at all but do nothing but push agendas and engage in brainwashing. 

A pox on all their heads — or mouths.

Posted: 11.04.11 @ 6:39 p.m. Update:  12.03.11 @ 2:45 p.m.

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