Democrats advising not to revive Jeremiah Wright – Barack Obama connection

I think I heard something about not bringing up Jeremiah Wright.   It goes:   “democrats are warning”  not to go there.  Makes me want to bring it up every day.

Why think about it:  Jeremiah says, “Barack knows what it is to be brought up in a country run by rich white people.”  Thing is, Barack is now “The Man” running the country.  And he ain’t doing so good, now is he? 

Poor lil Barack.  Raised by a single mother and all — in Indonesia.  Poor lil Barack.  But, oh, wait.  His mother was white.  Was she a rich white woman?  Was she ever called “a nigger?”  No, she was a “typical white person” in the worst possible sense according to her darling son. 

I wonder if Herman Cain knows anything about being a black man in America.  He is successful, he is smart, he has made it from rags to riches, and he is a republican and not a communist.  I guess he is not “clean and articulate” enough for Joe Biden, huh.  (So we are supposed to give a crap about his personal life?)

Oh, the stinking double standard. 

I am more concerned about Barack sucking cocaine off Larry Sinclair’s thigh while he was an Illinois state senator than I am hearing about “Ginger White.”  Wonder if there’s a Sandy Black out there somewhere.   

Watch the video to refresh your recollection and look into the heart of our alleged president and his “Audacity of Hope” mentor.  Pass it on.

“In an effort to preempt what could be a damaging political issue for President Obama’s re-election campaign, Democrats are warning Republicans against reviving his relationship with controversial ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright.”

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Posted:  12.01.11 @ 5:08 p.m.

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