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Obama speaks out on Penn State boy rape scandal

Obama makes a strong uh definitive statement condemning uh Sodom and Sandusky in a surprising uh you know burst of uh leadership/outrage.  I hear he has sent Kevin Jennings in to investigate, too.


(He also insisted his Animal Army OWS causing filth, death and destruction all over the country give it up, clean it up, and go home.)  Yep.

Remember when it was rumored that Obama was considering Penn State President, Graham Spanier for Secretary of Education?


Sandusky actually did an interview tonight on NBC.  He said he was not a pedophile, he just hugged the boys, touched their legs, horsed around,  and he should not have showered with them.  Creepy.

Do you think they are going to ease him into something to try and minimize what he is charged with?  After all, it is NBC.  Anything is possible.

Bottom line:  I think the real reason nothing was done about Sandusky is that the administration of the university didn’t think there was anything all that wrong with what he was doing.

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CEO of Second Mile, Jack Raykovitz, resigns amid Sandusky scandal

Jack Raykovitz, CEO of Second Mile resigns.  So the plot thickens as the rumor that Sandusky was pimping out boys from Second Mile is hanging out there.

Raykovitz’ wife is Katherine Genovese and she is connected to Second Mile somehow, maybe executive VP.

Vinnie Politan and Jeanne Casarez on HLN are reporting on this.

  Jack Raykovitz is a licensed psychologist who has served as president/CEO of The Second Mile for 28 years. The Second Mile has grown from an organization serving 40 children through one office in Centre County to reaching more than 100,000 children in all 67 counties.

Here he is defending Second Mile back in April when this story first broke:  http://www.pennlive.com/editorials/index.ssf/2011/04/post_99.html

And meanwhile Jerry Sandusky is out on bail with no ankle bracelet and there’s an elementary school practically in his back yard.  Unbelievable.


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How do you like this by Jerry Sandusky:

“In the 2006 Annual Report, I introduced our

campaign to build The Second Mile Center

for Excellence…..that’s why we are committed to building The Second Mile’s Center

for Excellence—the physical facilities necessary to maintain our

current commitments to children and to enhance and expand

the programs of The Second Mile long after I’m gone. Like you, I

want to make certain that the opportunities that we are providing

children today will be available tomorrow. Key components in

the Center for Excellence are an Outdoor Athletic/Recreational

Complex, with fields, courts, a pool, picnic facilities, and challenge

courses; and an Education/Recreation Building, with a gym/

auditorium, dorm space, and a multi-purpose room.

And what will The Second Mile Center for Excellence mean to kids…

For children who have learned to distrust adults—

an honored promise,

For those youngsters who lack permanence—

a sense of stability,

For those who live in squalor and poverty—

a place of cleanliness and beauty,

For youth who experience danger—

an atmosphere of safety,

For kids who live with limits and in isolation—

the opportunity for wonderful experiences,

For the child standing outside of our gates—

an open door, and

As a member of The Second Mile family—

a place to call home

/s/ Jerry Sandusky


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