Penn State students upset about firing of Paterno

mmmm The students at Penn State are mad at the media = furious at the media.  I think it was a CNN van they turned over.  They got it right.  Wish I had been there to help them.  Kidding, of course.

These kids know the score and they see that Paterno has been made a scapegoat, leveling all the blame at him, almost as if he was the one who did the dirty deeds.

I read the Grand Jury Report and it plainly stated that it was the head of this institution who was responsible to notify the police and the child welfare 48 hours of being notified of this offense in 2002.

Sandusky and others have barely been mentioned in the national coverage.  And though Schultz, and Curley have been charged and the President, Graham Spanier has been fired, all the blitz has been directed at the coach.

I do think it’s a shame that this old man has to leave his life’s work under a cloud that the liberal media has caused.  I wonder if he would have been fired if it had not been for this adverse coverage.  Maybe he should have been fired but I don’t think so.

I think these students know this was a witch hunt, a media hit job.  HLN is commenting that the Penn State students care more about football than they do the victims of sexual assault.  Maybe they just know who is really responsible.  Just maybe.

Meanwhile, Sandusky is out on bail probably molesting more boys.

Direct quote from the Grand Jury Report:

Although (Gary) Schultz oversaw the Univeristy Police as part of his position, he never reported the 2002 incident to the University Police or other police agency…..

The Grand Jury concludes that the sexual assault of the minor made in 2002 should have been reported to the Penn. Department of Public Welfare and/or a law enforcement agency such as the university Police or Penn State Police.  The univ by its senior staff Gary Schultz, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business and Tim Curley Athletic Director was notified by two different Penn State state employees of the alleged sexual exploitation of that youth.  Pennsylvanie mandatory reporting statute for suspected child abuse (statute #) provides that when a staff member reports abuse, pursuant to statute, the person in charge of the school or institution has the responsibility and legal obligation to report or cause such a report to be made….within 48 hours.

And I don’t even like football.

Posted:  11.10.11 @ 5:48 p.m.


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2 responses to “Penn State students upset about firing of Paterno

  1. Let me be sure. You did say, “that the liberal media has caused”. Am I correct? So, the extent of coverage concerning anyone involved in this situation is the problem? No fault with those actually involved? If your neighbor saw a child being raped and told you, I would find that you acted very negligent if you notified the Home owners association and then hoped someone handled it. Joe has many more responsibilities, influences, and platforms to speak out on that a normal schmo like you. The media is at fault? I hope that deep down you really know that you are lying to yourself about where the responsibility and fault lies here. What if you were the child in need of help? More people hold blame and there is scapegoating going on, but this is so clear that to even have to give you any more examples would be ludicrous. If you really think that you are right (as well as your “Joe-Pa”) then you are damaged goods.


    • bellalu0

      You obviously did not understand my point. If you did, I don’t think you would have used an example of a home owner association to illustrate anything that has happened at this university.

      Yes, the liberal media caused all the spotlight to be on Paterno. They spent days where that was the ONLY name that was heard. Not Curley. Not Schultz. Not Spanier. Not McQueary. Not the 1998 case where the law was involved clear up to the district attorney and he was not prosecuted. Not even Jerry Sandusky’s name was mentioned nearly as much as the name Peterno, Peterno, Peterno. I had to do a lot of research to find all those names and what their role was in this.

      Any time you see a media frenzy like that, it is intentional and agenda driven. You said youself there was scapegoating going on. This is wrong for the corrupt national media to whip up a lynch mob of hatred against a person way down the chain of command. You would think Peterno was the one who raped little boys the way they fueled public opinion against him.

      And I’ll tell you one thing, he’s not my JoePa – he’s not my anything. I never even heard of Peterno until the media started saying his name over and over and over. I know the liberal media and how they operate. I recognize a media hit job when I see it. There was a concerted effort to downplay all others involved in this, even the vile perpetrator himself, and shift the blame and public opinion solely against Paterno. Now I hear that Sandusky (and who else) may be involved in pimping boys out to wealthy donors. So this could get even worse.

      President Spanier was the one charged with the responsiblity of reporting the 2002 incident. He was told and he did nothing. He even stated to the grand jury that he APPROVED of the way Curley and Schultz handled it. I have barely heard his name even to this day.

      Missing District Attorney, Ray Gricar, was responsible for prosecuting Sandusky back in 1998 and did not. This could have stopped then. He even had a recorded confession of Sandusky admitting that he showered with the boy. Now Gricar has disappeared off the face of the earth. No body ever found. I wonder if there are missing boys from that area during this time period. At least two incidents involved boys who are unidentified.

      So, yes, the media CAUSED all the attention to be focused on the one person in this whole scenario that was the least responsible.

      If they wanted to do something useful, they should be pushing for Sandusky’s BAIL to be revoked.


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