District Attorney missing since 2005 failed to prosecute Sandusky in 1998

Well, President Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno were fired last night.  Or one resigned and one was fired.

Joe Paterno has been dragged through the streets of the once mainstream media for a few days now.  And he is the one who has not been charged with anything and to me he is the least responsible.  He, Paterno, reported the 2002 incident to the Athletic Director, Tim Curley, AND to Senior Vice President, Gary Schultz.

NPR reports that:

” Gary Schultz: As Penn State’s senior vice president for finance and business which gives him oversight of university police.”

So, of course, if Schultz had oversight of the university police, the incident was effectively reported to the university police.  It was his job to TELL them.

Schultz and Curley reported it to the president of the college, Graham Spanier, who has stated he approved fully of the way they handled it, and that seemed to be the end of it, except that Sandusky was told he could not bring any boys on the campus any more..

But Jeanne Kasaris on HLN is reporting on an interesting aspect of the case (good for her) that has not been highlighted, as the media scapegoats Joe Paterno for everything, that the 1998 case was reported to authorities and the District Attorney, Ray Gricar, did not prosecute the case and it ended right there.

There are so many people responsible for this it boggles the mind, Joe Paterno being at the very bottom.

Even more interesting to me is that this same District Attorney disappeared in 2005 off the face of the earth and has not been found as of today.  He was declared legally dead last April in response to a petition by his daughter.  This really caught my attention because I follow true crime stories and have seen this disappearance story a couple of times, not realizing his connection to this case on Sandusky.

Anyway, I saw people on tv news programs last night practically shouting about how it was all Joe Paterno’s fault that this man was not stopped, when, in fact, it had previously been brought to proper authories in 1998, and, in fact, was turned over to proper authories by Paterno himself when he was told about an incident in 2002.  Gary Schultz is/was over the campus police, for goodness sakes.

Total witch hunt.  And as I said in a previous post, all of the national coverage has been focused on Paterno and with the frenzy that is a sure sign of a media hit job.

Here’s a little background on missing District Attorney Ray Gricar:  http://deadspin.com/5857966/the-mystery-of-ray-gricar-the-prosecutor-who-failed-to-prosecute-jerry-sandusky-and-who-might-be-dead


Posted:  11.10.11 @ 12:04 p.m.

P. S.:  My main point here is that of media bias and malpractice.  There is a reason why this whole thing has been hung around Paterno’s neck.  They are vicious towards him to get the attention off the president of the university who had the ultimate responsibility to inform the police or whomever.


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4 responses to “District Attorney missing since 2005 failed to prosecute Sandusky in 1998

  1. B

    You are wrong. No one reported the 2002 incident to the campus police-not Paterno, McQueary, Curley, Schultz or the University president. That is the tragedy!


    • bellalu0

      What I said was Gary Schultz was informed and he was IN CHARGE of the campus police. So if he did not inform them it is his fault, not Perterno. You are right, none of them did anything. I think I said the same thing but I may not have been clear. I’ll try to clear it up.


  2. Anonymous

    The main problem is that nobody did what should have been done. They tried to wash their hand of the problem. McQueary, Paterno, Curley and Schultz were too worried about their careers and the way this scandal would have affect them. they decided not to do what was needed and that is immoral. McQueary should have tacle Sandusky the moment he cought him with a boy in the shower. Paterno, Curley and Schultz should have made impossible for Sandusky to have access to the campus. They all had the moral responsability to make sure Sandusky was punished.


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