Media should leave Joe Paterno ALONE

I am not into football but this media frenzy about Joe Paterno looks an awful lot like another media hit job to me.

I don’t know him or anything about him, but the aura of this thing is one of a media blitz that I have come to recognize as a concentrated effort to bring somebody down or distract from something else.  They have done this to a lot of people and it is increasingly sickening to me.  There is just more to this than meets the eye.  

This morning I looked into this a little bit.  He reported this incident to the athletic director, Tim Curley, so why is not Curley’s name being blasted around.  I have not heard it once. And I am looking at this as somebody who was not really focused on the story, but just got bits and pieces here and there  so they are very adept at sticking a name in a person’s brain.  And the ONLY name you hear over and over and over is Paterno. 

I had to look this up to learn who he reported this to.  Also, there is a president of this college.  What was his responsibility?  There are a lot of people here who could have done something.  You would think it is Peterno who did the horrific act(s) the way his name is being besmirched.

Also, Sandusky has had access to the campus right along.  Where is the administration in allowing this?

Looks like Peterno has lived a long and good life to me, donating massive amounts of money.  And, finally, along about the bottom of the article I was reading, I see where Mr. Peterno is a republican.  Don’t reckon that has anything to do with the corrupt media making him the scapegoat in this situation, do you?  Just askin’.

It is Sandusky who is the criminal here, and Curley and the president of the university are responsible to have dealt with this situation, called the police, or whatever they decided to do about it.  It was their responsibility.


Posted:  11.09.11 @ 11:18 a.m.

P.S.:  I will have to back off some of this, because I see now that Tim Curley has been criminally charged, along with Schultz, some VP or director.  Joe Paterno has resigned at the end of the season.  Nevertheless, I had to search hard to find out about Curley.  His name is NOT being bandied about by the media at all.  It still sounds a lot like the media is using Paterno to deflect all the blame on, and are trying to spare these other two who have actually been charged with a crime.

Interesting from Graham Spanier, President of PSU, supporting Curley and Schultz without reservation.  (Have not heard Spanier’s name mentioned at all…..)

The media is asking “what did Paterno know and when did he know it” when they should be asking Graham Spanier that question. Spanier testified before the grand jury that he approved of the way Tim Curley handled the situation. 

Not a word mentioning Graham Spanier, not one word. The questions are being asked, but not by the national media. I think they have chosen a 84 year old man as a likely target to get any spotlight off the president of this university (who is probably a liberal democrat). Just my guess.

Some people are asking, as per the following:

Curley reported the ban to Spanier, who testified to the Grand Jury that he approved of Curley’s handling of the situation.

Schultz and Curley denied to the Grand Jury that the graduate student reported “sexual conduct” “of any kind” by Sandusky. The Grand Jury did not find that testimony credible, and both are charged with perjury. 

But this is the question that Spanier must answer, and that he has thus far hid from: if Spanier knew of a situation serious enough to ban Sandusky from bringing children on campus — whether or not Spanier had explicit knowledge of sexual abuse — why was there no additional action or investigation taken by Spanier and the University? At best, it appears Spanier is guilty of profound stupidity. At worst, he appears to be guilty of willfully protecting and enabling a child molester. 

A petition has been drawn up urging the Penn State Board of Trustees to fire Spanier, and a Facebook Page called “Fire Graham Spanier” has been rapidly accumulating “likes.”

Anybody knows that once you have gone up the chain of command and advised the appropriate person or people, person could easily be fired for then turning around and calling the police.  Think about it.


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3 responses to “Media should leave Joe Paterno ALONE

  1. John

    Good post, except the part bringing Republican vs. Democrat into it. That aspect really weakens your article.


  2. DJC

    The left vs. right angle seems applicable only insofar as the left is more likely to be against big football programs and uber-masculine culture. I have seen that bias shown in much of the Paterno coverage. No one brings up his politics because he’s generally private about it.


  3. bellalu0

    Oh, it’s political all right. Definitely left vs right. I’m positive about that. It will become apparent as it unfolds.

    As in: Arne Duncan is launching a federal investigation so all is well.


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