The other shoe dropped and it’s a baby’s bootie


Now we know.  This is pretty funny.  Here’s what we know:  Herman Cain is a man.

He is accused of putting his hand under her skirt and wanted a blow job.  She said no and he stopped and took her to her hotel.  Well, whoop-de-do.  He is denying it. 

Bill Clinton taught us that a blow job is not sex, and that IF it is sex, it is a private matter.  That’s the narrative that the media put forward.  And he actually got his BJ.

And abuse of power?  There is no greater power than the president of the U. S. 

Herman Cain was a private citizen at the time he worked for the restaurant association and Bill Clinton was President of the United States who actually produced a semen stained dress.  The media loved that, they admire Clinton and to this day have raised him up as a hero and the “voice of God” according to Chris Matthews.  I have heard plenty about Kennedy and Dodd and others ad nauseum.

I am sure they’ve been working feverishly on this all weekend.

But who gives a damn is my question.  How many male hands have been under somebody’s skirt?  Of course, it is a specific allegation by a person with a name and a face.  All it proves, if true, is Herman Cain is a man. 

Sharon Bialek – according to Gloria “she is very courageous.”  Only acusers of republicans are “courageous.”  Accusers of democrats are dirty little sluts.

Oh, and by the way, she is white. Just think of the vicious assaults and accusations of racism that would be made on this woman – by the media – if this were a democrat candidate. It would not be pretty.  Instead, it is a mixture of relief and glee that somebody came forward, since they were hoping with all that is in them another shoe would drop.

I want Barack Obama to admit he sucked cocaine off Larry Sinclair’s thigh.  Sucking something else is beside the point.  

Hang in there, Herman.  Resist we much.

End of story.

I hate the media so much I cannot even express it .  This is more about the corrupt media in this country than anything else.  Sad.  Sad.

Posted:  11.07.11 @ 2:58 p.m.

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One response to “The other shoe dropped and it’s a baby’s bootie

  1. anon

    How many people have told you in your lifetime that you are dumber then a box of rocks??????? Great how the Dems are wiping the floor w you and yours again is’nt it????


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