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To Politico and the MSM: Why don’t you ask Barack Obama about Larry Sinclair allegations?

…..Obama, too, is a presidential candidate…..

90 Cain stories in Politico in 5 days


Well, well.  I just posted that the corrupt media would have ignored any allegations of sexual impropriety or impropriety of any kind made against Mr. Barack H. Obama during his campaign.  Here we have proof.

Did you ever hear about Larry Sinclair from Politico or on MSNBC or CNN or anywhere else during the Obama 2008 campaign?  I didn’t think so.  And here we have specific allegations, a face, a name, dates, and place, all the things conveniently missing from the allegations against Cain. 

“You may have noticed that the MSM has been busying itself with the political lynching of Herman Cain. And their normal defense of “we’re just reporting the news” simply won’t hold up this time. Not when they went to such great lengths to ignore the following:”


Are these allegations true or untrue?  Remember – Barack Obama is running for president, too, and subject to questions as much as other candidates.

“We are just trying to get some basic questions answered here.”


Posted:  11.04.11 @ 6:39 p.m.


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Are Cain’s accusers white?

This could be just some rank Raaaaacism on the part of these women.  But we just don’t know, do we?  This could be Very important in this enlightened age of “liberal lynching.” 

Since we have no facts, I’m going to allege they are white and that Chris Matthews dog whistle is going off loud and clear.   And these women are just racists in attacking a black man with false allegations.

Prove me wrong.

I want to see some pictures of them.  Names, ages, and pictures.

If this were a liberal/democrat black man, the corrupt media would not be publishing this story.  His candidacy would be HISTORIC and anybody who dared to challenge him for any reason would be labeled racist.  Imagine, if you can, a white woman accusing the One and Only of anything and what the reaction of the press would be.  .

So who are these women?  What is their race?  What do they look like?  What is their motivation?

Politico won’t provide a reason why it has not published the names of the women, even though it has claimed from day one that it knows who they are.

Come on, Politico, you started it.  Now bring it! 


As Anderson Cooper says, “We’re just trying to get some basic questions answered.”  🙂


Posted:  11.04.11 @ 1:45 p.m.

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