The media has been yammering about Cain now since the weekend,and he’s still ahead with the voters.

But I just have one simple question:

What is he accused of doing?

There’s a reason why, when a person is accused of something, the very first thing you have to do, within 24 hours, is bring them to first appearance to let them see the indictment, to advise them of what they are accused of.  It is impossible to defend yourself unless you first know exactly what the charges are.   Think about it.  You can’t even plead guilty or not guilty until you know that.

We have some supposed inappropriate behavior, hand motion, whatever that some anonymous person or persons claimed 20 years ago, but how do we prosecute or persecute a man if we don’t even know what he did, if anything? 

I read some comment just now that “he did not handle it well.”  Handle what well?  There is nothing that I can think of in my mind that I would care one whit about anyway.  Is there a blue dress?  Is there a picture?  Is there a baby?  Is a minor child involved?  Any abuse of power equal to the president of the United States and a Senate Aide half his age?

I remember how outraged democrats were when abuse of power was mentioned in the Clinton era.  “”Why that Monica Lewynski was just a little slut and she knew exactly what she was doing.””  Then you actually had to have a name before an accusation was taken even halfway seriously.  And besides that, sex back then was a private matter, remember?  Even if it was a BJ in the Oval Office – proven!.  The liberals/progressives and their media have gotten mighty narrow-minded and judgmental in the last 20 years. 

Oh, and lying under oath was no biggy because Everybody lies about sex…..

So Please – move on.  The world is falling apart and the Obama administration is passing out our money to phoney sun panel companies and selling guns that are killing our law enforcement.  If we don’t get him out of office, we’re going to have a whole lot more to worry about than some phantom accusation, non specified, that happened years ago.  And it is stupid for the republican candidates to be pointing fingers at each other, especially over nothing.  Mr. Barack H. Obama is loving this, I am sure. 

Sorry to let all you people know who think you are bringing down Herman Cain, all he has to do is keep on plugging, keep on moving forward, don’t even think about stepping aside, we’d rather have him any day over what we’ve got.

If he can only get that Politico noose from around his neck…..

Posted:  11.03.11 @ 5:02 p.m.

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