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The breathless mainstream pray for another shoe to drop on Herman Cain

How silly can this get?  A hand gesture?  20 years ago?  Today I hear “there are inconsistencies.” ” Is there another shoe to drop?”

It would have to be a mighty big shoe.

Because one thing is for sure, Herman Cain has to be elected president FIRST in order to even qualify in the ranks of “sexual harrassment.”  He could not possibly even place in the heirarcy of democrat sexual misconduct from a position of mere candidate.

He would have to have sex with a billy goat in the oval office with a whole department store of blue semen stained dresses to prove it – or would that be blue goat fur – and then deny it under oath, and before the nation, “I did not have sex with that animal, not one single time” in order to even be considered.

This is how ridiculous and desperate the MSNBCs and CNNs of corrupt media have gotten. 

There ain’t no way anything that may or may not have happened in the office of the restaurant association some 20 years ago that would even make a honorable mention in awards among democrat married politician sexual misconduct and then lying and covering it up.

Nothing can top the ultimate in Bill Clinton, but we also have slipping around in the back hallways of hotels at night to visit baby and mistress and denying such baby is his in lowly and unmanly behavior – uncovered, by the way, by The Enquirer, because the formerly mainstream media didn’t seem to care so much about that.

And most recently, the high tech sexual harrassment, a newly married and highly vocal democrat congressman sending obscene messages and pictures of his ding a ling to women and minor girls from the House of Representatives and then lying about it when there was proof in pictures and other data.

It is really hilariously funny to now hear the newly self-appointed “keepers of the moral code” liberal media as they twist and turn in some allegation of a hand gesture.

This just proves my theory and belief that if the once mainstream media advocates for or against something, you can take the exact opposite and arrive at the truth.  They are hoping and begging in frantic, high-pitched voices for something or someone to back them up on this witch hunt.  But I don’t think there is anything to bail them out.

How could there be?  Herman Cain isn’t even president yet. 

Michael and Amy in breathless anticipation:  http://news.yahoo.com/waiting-other-shoe-drop-cain-130249056.html

How do I write laughing hysterically?  On floor LMAO.

Posted:  11.02.11 @ 11:36 a.m.

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