May their tongues cleave to the roof of their mouths

I have to take a break from the blog right now.  I can’t listen or read much these days of what is coming from the pit of hell.  I am physically sick to hear some of what is being said in the media about Herman Cain. 

Since when are the morally bankrupt emmisaries of satan so concerned about sexual propriety or lack thereof?

I would bet you any amount of money these are lies from Politico and I’m not even sure what the accusatiosn are.  Who are his accusers, what are their names?  Let them come forward because every citizen has the right to confront their accuser. 

Looks like he’s going to get the Clarence Thomas treatment. 

I wonder if Chris Matthews is hearing that “dog whistle” he loves so much when discussing Obama.

 But I can think of nothing and I mean nothing that could prick the conscience of a liberal or member of the liberal media, especially when it concerns sex.  And I hope to God that Karl Rove, or anyone connected to the republican party, is not responsible for any of this.  

But how in the world is this supposed to hurt?  The demos and left wing are not bothered by anything (unless it concerns a conservative) think Weiner, Weiner, Weiner just to mention the most recent episode, and the conservatives are OVER being manipulated by this kind of stuff.

Posted:  10.31.11


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6 responses to “May their tongues cleave to the roof of their mouths

  1. Bella, they may be trying to smear him but it’s not having the desired effect. The Liberal Mainstream Media is out of touch with the American People.

    Which Presidential Candidate Would You Most Like To Have A Beer With? The Beer Goggles Edition.

    Does Herman Cain (private sector businessman) drink Beer? I don’t know but he is smokin.

    Does Representative Michelle Bachmann drink Beer? Michelle once attacked her Democrat challenger, stating she would raise taxes on bacon, and beer. Shame on you Tarryl Clark. She probably voted for mandating cervical cancer vaccines for young girls too/ That’s correct Michelle Bachmann is against taxing your bacon.


    • bellalu0

      There could be quite a backlash in protest. This is 2011. What is interesting is that Herman Cain is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is thoroughly embraced by the tea party and southerners. And the loving liberals, the elites, the New York City based media are like attacking sharks or pigs to slop in narrow-minded and judgmental horror at an alleged hand gesture.


  2. bellalu0

    “”Fundraising reached an all-time high for the campaign while Cain and his staff were doing damage control over the Politico story…..””

    Ha – don’t you just love it.


  3. Don’t forget he asked a radio staff in Iowa radio station: Darlin will you doctor my tea for me. She didn’t know the southern colloquialism, it made her uncomfortable….she couldn’t just put some honey and lemon in his tea, she had to check how she felt about it first LOL!


    • bellalu0

      This whole thing is almost as bad as the insane media blaming Sarah Palin and talk radio for Giffords within an hour of the event — almost as if they had it aaallll planned. “Damn Yankees” are all sexist and racist, too. And always projecting their dark hearts on us.


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