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I have a message for AP concerning Herman Cain


You nasty media people wouldn’t be racist now would you?  What about all the Obama followers?  Obama is not half the man Herman Cain is, but he is half as black.

ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain is learning the hard way what it means to face the glare of the national spotlight.

After captivating Republicans hungry for an alternative to 2012 GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Cain has made a series of stumbles that have left some questioning whether he’s ready for the White House.

A series of stumbles?  Who are the “some” you Hypocrites!!

This is a quote from an Associated Press article but I am not going to link to it.

P. S.:  Also goes for Hume, Krauthammer and Fox.  Hume says Cain “may” have peaked and “may” begin to decline.  Well, it “may” snow in Florida this winter, too.  What is up with this bunch? Oh, I know, they are trying to help their chosen one who has done awful in all polls and nobody wants.  Where is Karl Rove?  I’m sure he will be weighing in soon to try to influence perception.   Notice:  Don’t you know by now that nobody cares what you all think or say? 

Wow.  Lots of racism out there and NONE of it coming from the tea party. Bashir on CNN says he wonders if Cain can even spell Iraq.  These people are making me so angry.  And I’m not linking to the Daily Caller either.  If these things didn’t appear on computer, I would never see them or know about them because all tv news has been banned in my house.

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The difference between civilized and uncivilized

If Joe Biden ever calls another American a barbarian, he should be driven out of office.

What a sharp contrast between the way the USA treated the body of bin Laden, as John Brennan said, in “strict conformance with Islamic precepts and practices” and the way the body of Gadhafi was treated.  The “swift burial of bin Laden complies with Islamic custom and should therefore avoid causing any offence in Muslim countries.”

Isn’t Libya a muslim country?  Maybe they should have contacted John Brennan.

There is no set of circumstances one could imagine that even the body of bin Laden would be dragged through the streets of New York City because that would be against all humanity and – forget islam – it would be especially against Christian practices.

MISRATA, Libya (AP) — Moammar Gadhafi’s blood-streaked body was on display in a commercial freezer at a shopping center Friday as Libyan authorities argued about what to do with his remains and questions deepened over official accounts of the longtime dictator’s death. New video emerged of his violent, chaotic last moments, showing fighters beating him as they drag him away.

Nearly every aspect of Thursday’s killing of Gadhafi was mired in confusion, a sign of the difficulties ahead for Libya. Its new rulers are disorganized, its people embittered and divided. But the ruling National Transitional Council said it would declare the country’s liberation on Saturday, the starting point for a timetable that calls for a new interim government within a month and elections within eight months.

The top U.N. rights chief raised concerns that Gadhafi may have been shot to death after being captured alive. 

[no kidding]


In Misrata, residents crowded into long lines to get a chance to view the body of Gadhafi, which was laid out on a mattress on the floor of an emptied-out vegetable and onions freezer at a local shopping center. The body had apparently been stowed in the freezer in an attempt to keep it out of the public eye, but once the location was known, that intention was swept away in the overwhelming desire of residents to see the man they so deeply despised.

Men, women and children filed in to take their picture with the body. The site’s guards had even organized separate visiting hours for families and single men.

“We want to see the dog,” some chanted.

Gadhafi’s 69-year-old body was stripped to the waist, his torso and arms streaked with dried blood. Bullet wounds in the chest, abdomen and left side of the head were visible.

From previous post: 

Arab broadcasters showed graphic images of the balding, goateed Gadhafi – wounded, with a bloodied face and shirt – but alive. Later video showed fighters rolling Gadhafi’s lifeless body over on the pavement, stripped to the waist and a pool of blood under his head.

Standing, he was shoved along a Sirte road by fighters who chanted “God is great.” Gadhafi appears to struggle against them, stumbling and shouting as the fighters push him onto the hood of a pickup truck.

He was driven around lying on the hood of a truck, according to the video. One fighter is seen holding him down, pressing on his thigh with a pair of shoes in a show of contempt.


The funeral for former Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi was to have taken place Friday, in keeping with Islamic tradition that bodies be buried as soon as possible. But a host of concerns have caused the body to be placed in temporary storage instead — and an inquiry may be launched into how he died.

Update at 1:15 p.m. ET: Several news agencies have confirmed that a U.S. Predator drone aided the attack on a large convoy as it attempted to leave Sirte Thursday — and that Gadhafi was in the convoy. The air attack, by at least one drone and several French jets, was reported by The Daily Telegraph Thursday. More details of the drone’s role in the attack are on Wire’s site.



In the case of Laden s corpse flip-wing V-22 Osprey flew the body from a US base in Afghanistan s Bagram to USS Carl Vinson�a thousand-foot-long nuclear-powered aircraft carrier sailing in the Arabian Sea off the Pakistani coast –in another violation of Islamabad s airspace Once the body reached Carl Vinson it was washed wrapped in a white burial shroud weighted and then slipped inside a bag The process was done in strict conformance with Islamic precepts and practices (John) Brennan later told reporters in Washington.


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