Stop with the Debates!@!

Another debate?

Why in God’s name is there a republican debate every other day?  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  The media gets to super analyze every word the candidates say when we all know the media are not fair and their purpose of speaking at all is to knock them down or try to choose the republican candidate the democrats want to run against.  I am listening to Michael Barone who ever he is right now and he says nobody knows anything about Herman Cain.  I sure am not depending on the media to tell me who a candidate is and what they stand for so how does he know what we know about Herman Cain or anyone else.  And who the hell cares what Michael Barone says or thinks?  We would all be better off if they took all these socalled news programs off the air.  My five minutes of listening to them today are over and that goes for Fox, too.   I guess Karl Rove is on vacation, thus his replacement Mr. whoever Barone.

So the republicans put themselves out there for criticism week after week, debate after debate while their opponent goes around the country – again – on a bus at taxpayer expense *not* campaigning and lying, and deceiving the uninformed, stirring up jealousy and discontent.

I see the communists have joined with the president and the democrats in endorsing the riff raff in the streets. Perfect.  This is sure to get all the independents and from the looks of those on the streets doing their little “twinkles” with their hands to vote, they will never find a voting booth.

I knew Obama was a socialist, and now can anybody deny it.

I am counting the days, just counting the days…..459 days left.

Posted:  10.18.11 @ 12:18 p.m.

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