Gary Who and the dog joke – It was funnier when Rush said it earlier in the day

Last night’s debate was just a rehash of the last debate. 

The most excrusiating part is when the debate is over and you have a zillion blabber mouths telling you what you just heard.  Sometimes – many times – it’s not what I heard at all.  The whole thing I guess is just for the media.  Gives them a boost in the ratings for the debate and then they are hoping to fill up a lot of time later talking about it and talking about it and talking about it.

They have just about wrung it for all it’s worth.  I probably won’t even watch the next one if it’s the same old people answering the same old questions with the media hoping and praying somebody will actually say something they can report on. 

Preferably one of them will say something they can latch on to to make somebody look bad as in the “Social Security is a ponzi sceme.”  Now THAT was horrible, right?   What are they talking about?  Social Security is a ponzi scheme. 

I just heard yesterday of a couple guys being arrested on some kind of internet gambling scam – or ponzi scheme.  What is the difference?  In fact, it’s worse!  Nobody is forced to play the gambling game.  Free will, if you want to buy into it, go ahead.  But the government forces you to buy into SS by the most powerful fist ever – the payroll deduction.  Perry should come up with another term for it – like Super Ponzi Scheme or Forced Ponzi Scheme.  Of course, when the government does it, it’s not against the law and nobody is arrested because the crooks are called congressmen. 

As for the dog joke.  Pathetic that “Gary Who?” could not come up with his own joke.  They have a couple real duds in this group.  All the rest would make a hundred times better president than we have now.  “Tear Down This Bridge”  I had to laugh at the alleged president beneath a bridge where all the trolls reside. 

I just have one question:  Where is Thad McCotter?  Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?  He could probably bring them all down in a debate and they know it.

Posted:  09.23.11 @ 10:47

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