Paul Krugman slipping into insanity?

I think Paul Krugman is deranged.  Another liberal lashing out in insanity.  Maybe he is just terrified.  His world view and theories are failing and falling apart. 

But he is to be pitied to publish such a hateful rash of words on a day when we should be standing together as Americans.  Any day, but not this day.

If he wants to blast somebody, you would think it would be the terrorists.  But Jimmy Hoffa and Paul Krugman hate their fellow Americans more than they do the real SOBs, you know, the ones who are really our enemies.  Bet neither one of them has ever said a single derogatory word about them.

Posted:  09.11.11 @ 10:47 p.m.


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4 responses to “Paul Krugman slipping into insanity?

  1. Bella,

    Krugman is an attention whore, how bad of a whore is he? Well look at the nasty pile of crap he left in the NYTs. He’s got no bottom – that’s not insanity, that’s just a sign of a small petty man. On facebook someone referred to him as a poltroon – that’s the best description. He posted that nasty commentary, and didn’t allow comments (coward) to get attention on a day that is reserved for remembering our dead from 9-11. He used it to get web hits.

    I have other adjectives to describe him, mediocre, a bore, a sad sack, a brown bird….but “Paul the Poltroon” should be his nom de plume.


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