Watching the USA debt clock spin – approaching $15 Trillion

Yesterday it was reported that the national debt ceiling was lifted to $15.19 trillion.  It passed the Senate as part of the August debt ceiling deal when the debt limit was at $14.3 trillion. 

Now, here’s what they said:  This $500 billion increase that was passed is supposed to support the federal government until about January or February of next year – three or four months.  And Obama wants to borrow $447 billion to cover his so-called jobs bill.  Of course at this point in time there is no bill.  What we have is a speech and the CBO has already said they cannot score a speech.  So let’s just round it off as $500 billion he wants to borrow.  Hmm.  Why that’s just exactly what the democrat Senate just yesterday, I mean Thursday, voted on.  These people are scamming us right under our very noses. 

We are already close to the $15 trillion mark (that’s $47,000 per citizen) and this clock is moving so fast as to make your head spin.  I’m keeping track.  How many days will it be before we reach the $15 trillion?  This is September 10th – we’ll see.   If I understand it correctly, it can go as high as $16.7 trillion under the debt ceiling deal reached at the end of August.

God have mercy on America.

“The U.S. Senate, in an unusual procedure, cleared the way Thursday for the U.S. to lift its borrowing authority by $500 billion to $15.19 trillion, enough to keep the support federal government borrowing through late January or early February.”

Posted:  09.10.11 @ 1:49 p.m.


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2 responses to “Watching the USA debt clock spin – approaching $15 Trillion

  1. Anonymous

    You delete posts that don’t say nice things of the son of satan, obama.
    God have mercy on America?
    But, of course!!!!! and HE SHALL HAVE MERCY.
    Read Revelation 16:19 and Rev. 18 (the whole chapter is about
    “Mercy on America.”)


  2. Anonymous

    By the way, it is not the United States of America anymore, BUT




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