Thoughts on Obama’s jobs speech and the use of language

It seems the left wing is very adept at the use of language to paint the picture they want to portray.  If one word doesn’t get the desired result or becomes overused, they just change to another word.  Taxes become revenue.  Spending becomes investments.  Stimulus becomes jobs.  On and on.

Well, I’ve got a bracelet, too

Every time we hear of any bill or speech that includes spending of government money of any amount, we should refer to that as borrowing.  Spending equals borrowing. 

 In other words, Mr. Obama wants to borrow about $500 billion in order to fund his  “jobs” for the American people and more importantly to get his unemployment numbers down.

Well, I don’t want us to borrow this money.  I think the ideas he set forth in his speech are silly, as giving a business a tax credit for hiring a new employee.  That on it’s face is skewed thinking because a business hires an employee because their business is so good they need a new employee, not to get a tax credit.  And even on top of that, it’s better for them if the applicant has been out of work for more than six months.  So the first question that will be asked is “How long have you been out of work?”  Better lie and say six months and one day or your application will be thrown in the trash can.  Now, I ask you “Is that fair?”

But all that aside, even if his grand plan is the best plan ever devised by man, do we want to borrow the money to pay for it?  Can we afford it?  Can we take another chance at the same old warmed over Obama ideas where government is “working side by side with business.”  I think everyone knows in their heart and mind what would get this country humming again.  That I do believe.  I can feel it, I can see it happening.  If we can get the Obama boot off our neck, and get control of the Senate, America will come roaring back.

But the bottom line is there is no money to pay for the jobs bill (that is not a bill).  I know there is not.  Everybody knows there is not.  But Mr. Obama stood there before a joint session of congress and said it was all paid for.  And everything in this bill will be paid for.  Quote:  “And everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything.”  Then he bumps it to the committee and says he will present something in two weeks.  I thought this was urgent?

He surprised me and did not use the word infrastructure or high speed rail. But it was in there.  Guess those words have been tested as overused, or in other words, everybody’s on to these games.

Here you have the Infrastructure Bank:   “And we’ll set up an independent fund to attract private dollars and issue loans based on two criteria: how badly a construction project is needed and how much good it will do for the economy.”  This is the infrastructure slush fund.

And he goes on – he came close to not mentioning it, but he just can’t help but mention that Chinese high speed rail running round and round in his head:    “Building a world-class transportation system is part of what made us a economic superpower. And now we’re going to sit back and watch China build newer airports and faster railroads?”

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Posted:  09.10.11 @ 2:54 p.m.

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