Boehner invites representatives of businesses to the BHO “jobs” speech (Updated)

Very interesting.  Speaker Boehner has invited guests from the small business community to the Obama speech tonight.

The Speaker’s guests are all employers who have run into unnecessary Washington-made barriers as they’ve tried to create jobs – barriers that will be addressed by legislation scheduled for action in the House this fall as part of the House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators.

The list includes the CEO of Gibson Guitar, a farmer, CEO of a cement company, a mortgage company and others.  See a complete list at Gateway Pundit.

I wish he would allow each of them to speak.

O.M.G. Copycat.

“Uh, uh, look, I’ve got a bracelet, too.”

(See McCain’s remarks that preceeded this for full context )

Obama has invited a whole of bunch of people, including union boss, Richard Trumka, to sit with Michelle.  Maybe he is afraid of all those sons of bitches so he’s bringing his thugs with him.  🙂 

See list here:

(P.S. I just read that it is common for the president to invite guests to the SOU, but that’s just the way it struck me that he copied Boehner because I didn’t see his list until late this afternoon.) 

Whatever the case, he is a copycat.  The republicans put out a plan called  Plan for America’s Job Creators and he then calls his plan The American Jobs Act.  And can you believe that he AGAIN brought up Warren Buffett and his taxes when Buffett’s company owes a BILLION dollars in back taxes.  Do you think he is so ill informed that he does not know that???

Posted:  09.08.11 @ 1:56 p.m.  Updated:  09.08.11 @ 5:46 p.m.  Updated:  8:25 p.m.


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4 responses to “Boehner invites representatives of businesses to the BHO “jobs” speech (Updated)

  1. Bella,

    My husband said, that Gibson has to fire 400 workers in the U.S. because if the guitar part is made in the U.S.they are illegally importing the wood to make it. But if the guitar part is made in India where the wood comes from, and made by Indian workers it’s imported to Gibson in the U.S. as a guitar part. So in order to get this part for the guitar, these 400 jobs have to go to India. Obama is giving a jobs speech tonight – jobs for who exactly? Apparently not for Americans.

    Do you suppose the reason this is happening is because the Gibson CEO is a republican? If he only gave to democrat campaigns, would his company have been raided? Is this more pay for play – the Chicago way?


    • Reality

      No, the reason it is happening is because it is “illegal” (of course, allegedly until it is proven) Just so you can American jobs, you don’t need to flout laws! These should not be mutually exclusive. What is so hard to understand about this?


      • No you don’t get it. The wood is going to get imported into the US. Just because it was “Manufactured” in India, doesn’t make it any less made out of the same exact wood. Except India doesn’t just get paid for the wood they get paid for manufacturing the guitar piece. That means Americans lose 400 jobs to India- forced outsourcing using bureaucratic regulations. The out come is the same, the part will get imported to the U.S. it just won’t be manufactured in the U.S.


  2. Anonymous


    1- G. W. BUSH: FIRST.

    2- G.W. BUSH: SECOND, and



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