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Who will he kill next?

Obama, I mean. 

If this is the way it’s going to be done, then I recommend Hasan be shot immediately, the Times Square bomber and the panty bomber, too.

I think al Aulaqi should have been captured and tried for treason, but something is bothering me about this.  Obama and his administration have been insisting on trials in NYC for non-citizens in Gitmo, and essentially they are shooting down an American citizen, as dispicable as he may be.  Was he on some battlefield in Yemen? 

Something just ain’t right.

Anwar al-Aulaqi (AP/Muhammad ud-Deen) U.S. officials have given Anwar al-Aulaqi a newly elevated designation on the day of his death by drone strike, describing him as “chief of external operations” for al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen.

The new title, cited by officials at the White House and the CIA, reflects Aulaqi’s evolution from Muslim cleric to alleged terrorist plotter, as well as a desire by American officials to persuade the public that the extraordinary killing of a U.S. citizen overseas was warranted.

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House committee of 3 passed FEMA funding until next Tuesday

 A short-term spending measure to fund the federal government into next week won approval Thursday from the U.S. House and now goes to President Barack Obama’s desk.

Short term, indeed.  Until next Tuesday. 

So I take it the House chose the one-week extension from the three choices they had:

The Senate passed and sent to the House a CR with the extra FEMA funds not offset. A second vote on a clean CR. And finally, a one-week clean CR that the House can pass by unanimous consent.

Congressional approval of the measure keeps the government funded through October 4. The House will then have to consider a more comprehensive measure that would keep the government funded through November 18.

It was passed by 3 House members using a unanimous consent procedure.  It goes to the president for signature.  It sounds to me that the “one week clean CR” was what was passed today.

I really don’t understand what this does for the FEMA funding. Unless the CR IS the FEMA funding…..  I was thinking it involved a lot more than just the FEMA funding because surely that one agency not being funded would not Shut Down the government, as Reid was whimpering about.  Anybody know?

Sounds to me like it is still not settled.  I am really confused.  What period of time is the $2.65 billion that is supposed to go for FEMA?    (HR2017)

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