Katrina mayor Nagin offers “expert” advice on Irene

Ray Nagin surfaces.

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin appeared on the CBS Early Show Friday morning to offer his advice to those preparing for Hurricane Irene. In the interview conducted by Chris Wragge, he referred several times to his experiences during Hurricane Katrina to make his points.



Posted:  08.27.11 @ 11:13 a.m.


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3 responses to “Katrina mayor Nagin offers “expert” advice on Irene

  1. Mayor Nagin, It’s a bit of a snatch 22 situation Imus….It’s nice he popped his head up Bernie can use the material GRIN.


    • Anonymous

      Bernie even looks a little bit like him, doesn’t he, with that bald head and all. 🙂

      I’m bad I guess but I’m kind of laughing at this hurricane coverage on MSNBC. They brought in Brian Williams and Al Roker was out on Long Island by the surf. I think they stage some of this stuff.



  2. michelle

    Hahahahahahahhaha, lofao!!!!!


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