Tax financed bus tour and entourage rolls through mid-west – not too much interest along the way

The bus tour is taking on a life of its own and getting funnier by the day.  Turns out there’s not one but two buses at over a million dollars a piece – basically made in Canada.

And the excitement and enthusiasm along the bus trail is amazing.  Not.  He goes on a silly bus tour about jobs to announce that he will make a major speech about jobs in September.  He is going to be defeated by a landslide because there is no American stupid enough to fall for this man again.

I’ll lay down a bet that when the speech comes about there will be nothing new, just the same old stuff he has already run into the ground, tax increases for millionaires and billionairs, taxing private jets more (after spending all this tax money  to launch this fake bus tour), patent reform, and most important of all:  the infrastructure bank aka high speed rail which will siphon off tax money to some kind of non-government entity so he can go around congress and everybody else to get another slush fund.

And it has to be the biggest joke ever to say that unemployment benefits and food stamps stimulate the economy.  They really do think the American people are so ignorant as to fall for that, too, I guess

Bus tour entourage blowing out massive amounts of gasoline fumes while he gets off the bus and talks about bio-fuels.

Posted:  08.17.11 @ 12:41 p.m.


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2 responses to “Tax financed bus tour and entourage rolls through mid-west – not too much interest along the way

  1. kim

    Maybe the crowd thinned once all the kids left with the candy thrown out by the clowns at the front of this parade.
    (Thank you Zumbrota Ford!)


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