Marco Rubio, freshman Fla Senator, telling truth on debt

A statesman emerges:

Rubio on the Senate floor yesterday (7.30.11).

See complete text here:

The op-ed in the Wall Street Journal he refers to:

Posted:  07.31.11 @ 1:19 p.m.


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11 responses to “Marco Rubio, freshman Fla Senator, telling truth on debt

  1. Bella,

    If you get a chance pick up a copy of Ann Coulter’s book Demonic. It will open your eyes and give you ideas like nothing I have read before – I think this is the best book she has, had published to date. I think she got it out as soon as she could to correspond with what’s happening in the media or not happening in the media leading up to 2012.

    It’s given me ideas because you know I like to work with “Images” as well as “Words” if the only way to reach some people is with “Imagery” I think I can adapt to that form of communication. When I read her book, it made me think of when I was a kid, and my sister playing around with pig latin – truly the out reach can’t be done with reason and logic. There is this old joke what do I have to do draw you a picture apparently that’s true for folks on the Left this is what they use to guide them through society. They respond to a lot of false imagery.


    • bellalu0

      KJ, I’ll have to get that book. I guess that’s where we go wrong sometimes, thinking reason and logic will work. I have noticed the media uses repetition in repeating small bits or words. The word for last week was “hostage”. It’s kind of funny though when somebody picks it up and puts it all together in a montage. I wonder if that breaks through at all to someone who is soaking all the manipulation in. They have used that one a lot. And I’m not exactly sure where it begins, with the democrat talking points or the media, but they are so hand in hand you can’t tell the difference. Whatis maddening to me is when they take what they are doing themselves and throw it out as something others are doing to them.


  2. bellalu0

    Demo Mary Landreau still has her “hostage” voice box in. She’s on Greta for a short, short segment and she said hostage about 10 times. Time for a new word to be programmed in.

    Let’s see, in Obama speak revenue means taxes, balanced means taxes, shared sacrifice means taxes. How many ways can he say raise taxes.


    • Bella,

      The Left didn’t care or use the words “Full, Faith and Credit” of the United States, until the debt limit debate came up. I am not sure who that’s supposed to appeal to? I don’t think the people not paying taxes care what the country’s credit rating is AAA or AA…FFF 🙂 I guess Full, Faith and Credit was supposed to appeal to the Wall Street gang – the Money class? They know better than the chumps in D.C. how lowering the country’s credit rating will effect the American economy. Full Faith and Credit comes out of the 14th amendment – they really wanted to circumvent the congress of the United States, and the Separation of Powers- The genius of the founders.. The only problem for them, the White House is full of lawyers who knew better – and wouldn’t subvert the U.S. constitution. They- the MSM will skew things to mean whatever they want it to- to get the immediate gratification, that they think they deserve. It’s all mob speak (Demonic)- it doesn’t mean anything it’s only used to gin up emotion. It’s odd the way it’s creeped into cable news networks, look at Al Sharpton, he has his own show on MSNBC he’s know for rabble rousing, and inciting mobs to riot.

      Comcast has the majority interest in NBCU, and is enabling mob mentality. Why? It”s not like MSNBC is a ratings getter. The only explanation is that Comcast has back door deals with elected officials in D.C. and they are “trying” to protect the current influence, they enjoy. They certainly are not promoting objective news reporting.


  3. Anonymous

    The real serious problem for American conservatism is that, while having a political and economical ideology, it simply has no intellectual foundation and that is principally why it’s failed the Republic; it never has, nor have I ever read a serious conservative express the need nor appetite to construct one. I guess that why intellectuals in the white world since the 16th Century have called a complete man Liberally Educated.


    • bellalu0

      Ah, but the “complete man” so often is a complete asshole.


    • You have never heard of William F Buckley? It’s called a University because the desired result is to turn out a universally educated person. The last time I looked the definition of liberal wasn’t synonymous with socialist as in progressive wealth re-distributors. This is not a conservative vs liberal cycle. This is a libertarian vs statist cycle. Actually the definition of a liberal is closer to a libertarian than a statist.


  4. bellalu0

    Definition of Liberal (from KJ link):

    a.” Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.

    b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.”
    Free from bigotry? Tolerant of ideas and behavior of others and broad-minded?

    Seems far, far from what is known as a “liberal” in today’s conversation as they are the most intolerant, harsh, and narrow-minded of all people.


    • Bella

      They are pretenders, that’s why they insist on being called progressives not liberals. They are actually telling the truth. I know liberals there are liberals in my family, but they aren’t progressive social democrats. The MSM won’t ever point that distinction out, because the people who vote Democrat today are voting for a party that ceased to exist some time ago they want them to think it’s still made up of classical liberals. Unfortunately there are few to be found in what should be called the Progressive party- truth in advertising.


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