Reid does not have a bill, Obama does not have a plan or a bill

The president is working the phones…..

Through my rage this morning, I hear some Obama representative, when asked where Obama’s plan is, say this:  He is working so very hard behind the scenes — ON THE TELEPHONE.  I thought I must have misunderstood her, but she repeated it, “he is working behind the scenes on the telephone.”

Not working on a budget, not working on a plan, but working the phone.

In the Obama administration, the national debt has increased 5 Trillion dollars, at least.  At least.   It was already at 8 Trillion, but just in two years it is now approaching 16 Trillion.

During the entire Obama administration there has been NO federal budget.

The republicans have put forth a budget.  DIED in the democrat Senate.

This will be the 4th time the debt ceiling has been raised since Obama took office.  All three times were under the democrat controlled Washington, almost in secret thanks to the corrupt media.  I wonder how many times they were planning to raise it and just how high they were willing to go?  16 trillion?  20 trillion?  24 trillion?  There is just no telling.

The republican House has already passed a plan to the Senate in the form of Cut, Cap, and Balance, bipartisan, by the way.  Harry Reid and the democrats TABLED it without debate and without a vote.  The media just glosses over that one.

The republicans have put out about three plans on the debt ceiling.  And for what are they working so hard?  All I hear is Harry Reid saying they will not pass any of them.  He repeats the Boehner plan will not pass, will not pass, will not pass.  He says the Boehner plan is written for the tea party not the American people?  Who the hell does he think the tea party is?  His insults are intolerable.  He almost got his senile butt defeated by the tea party in October.  The saddest thing about the entire election was he was returned to the Senate. 

On top of that, Obama threatens to veto it if by chance it does pass the democrat Senate.

The democrats had it all for two years – complete control – and they ran up 5 trillion dollars in debt.  They are fighting now to continue spending.

Reid does not have a bill, it’s a sham.   Obama does not have a plan.  There’s no Reid bill.  There’s no Obama bill.  They have NOTHING.

So what the are they doing?  Republicans, sit down.  Leave it to them to figure out.  I hope the republican bill gets voted down in the House.

And if we allow the democrats and the democrat controlled media to somehow blame the republicans for a government shutdown. we are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

Now to the republicans:  The republican establishment is in power right now why?  Because of the tea party.  And yet we have to be called Hobbits by some jackass at the Weekly Standard, sorry, I believe it’s the Wall Street Journal.  I’ll tell you who will go to the center of the earth soon and it’s not the tea party.  And John McCain is a disgrace.  An absolute disgrace.  

Posted:  07.28.11 @ 11:58 a.m.

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