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House passes Cut, Cap, and Balance

 Defying a veto threat, the Republican-controlled House voted Tuesday night to slice federal spending by $6 trillion and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in exchange for averting a threatened Aug. 2 government default.


As the House passes this bill, a real bill, to the Senate…..

President Obama throws in some plan (Gang of 6 or maybe 7) to divert attention and muddy the water – something that is not even close to being a piece of legislation.   It’s just some “outline” almost as if somebody jotted some ideas down on a postit note.  Smoke and mirrors.  He says he now wants to start “talking turkey.”  Very funny. 

Republicans blowing smoke and playing ball with Obama here are Tom Coburn, Mike Crapo, and Saxby Chambliss.   And waiting in the wings is Mitch McConnell also propping up Obama if necessary.

What will the Senate do with a real piece of legislation?  Of course, President Obama has already declared that if it does pass, he will veto it.  So what?  Then he would be responsible for shutting down the government.  Cowards, they are pure cowards on the Hill – call his bluff.  Send it to him and let him veto it.  Why is this so hard?  I think the establishment republicans are just stupid.  Stupid or Corrupt to the bone.  Probably both.

234 – 190:  How they voted here http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/2chambers/post/by-the-numbers-the-house-cut-cap-and-balance-act-vote/2011/07/19/gIQAJhNlOI_blog.html?wprss=2chambers

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